You Are Who You Believe You Are

What do you believe about yourself?

Whether you consciously acknowledge it or not, your self view in each area of your life determines your reality.

I believe I am a good public speaker.

My reality reflects that belief, as I am asked to speak at our company events and speaking on stage comes easily to me.

I believe I am horrible at math.

My reality reflects that, too [trust me]!

Maybe that’s something I will work on… [or not, that’s what calculators and smart friends are for ;)]

So I ask again:

What do you believe about yourself?

Do you believe life is hard for you? Do you believe people take advantage of your kindness and generosity? Do you believe you are poor, in bad health, shy, or ill-equipped to accomplish your goals?

Whatever you believe… you are!

And what tremendous POWER there is in that statement! Because we hold the power within our minds to change our beliefs about anything at any time.

You can believe life is easy. You can believe you appreciated and loved. You can believe you are wealthy, healthy and equipped to accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Henry Ford was once quoted, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

I’ll take it a step further and say; Whether you believe you are or you believe you aren’t, you’re right.

So who do you believe you are?

Your goals will be easy to the extent that your self view is in line with who you want to be. Goals manifest themselves when we become the person worthy of possessing them. You can work harder than anyone, you can hustle and push and grind your way forward, but until you BELIEVE you are WORTHY of possessing what you’re going after, true success will elude you.

I’ve seen this happen so many times…

A person becomes relentless in the pursuit of “success” [or their definition of the word] in business. Progress is difficult and barely evident, but if you squint your eyes hard enough and pay close enough attention, progress is there.

It may take months or years of sacrifices, but slowly and surely they are moving forward.

Sometimes they even reach their ultimate goal! Often, they get within a hair’s width of that achievement and then…

Something happens. An obstacle, an illness, a catastrophe… seemingly out of their control… and before they can even blink they are tumbling and rolling back down so fast they are dizzy when they realize they’re right back where they started.

You’ve seen this too…

With people trying to lose weight, to start a new business, to take something in their life to the next level.

But WHY does this happen?

It is because our subconscious mind is constantly striving to keep us where we believe we should be!

When someone loses 40 pounds only to gain back 60 in half the time, it’s because somewhere in their core they believe they are overweight.

When someone’s business grows only to have clients drop like flies, it’s because somewhere in their core they are the owner of a business that is only X size instead of Y.

When someone tries, over and over again, to reach a goal and can’t seem to get past a certain point it’s because they have hit a wall. They have hit the wall of their own belief and they ONLY way to get past it is to tear it down and rebuild further along the path.

Success comes when you believe it is inevitable.

Success comes when you believe it has already arrived.

Success comes when you believe you ARE the person worthy of possessing it.

And any margin of growth or success you achieve without that belief will be difficult and fleeting.

When you expand your belief, you expand your potential. Goals become easy, walls become speed bumps and growth happens as naturally as if it was what you were born to be, because you believe you were.

So if this is true, how do you expand your belief? 

It starts with affirmations and declarations: 

Write your beliefs about yourself in present tense and read them aloud daily. Look in the mirror while you read them if you have to. You might feel silly, but you will be speaking directly to your subconscious mind about who you are. The subconscious mind, who cannot tell reality from fantasy, will then go to work on matching your new self view with your reality. 

To help you get started, I’ve created this awesome post with 27 Daily Affirmations for Success. 

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