Why Wouldn’t You Want to Be Successful?

Today’s post is Part 2 of our 3-Part Series on the Fear of Success. This little known fear keeps WAY too many people from stepping into the greatness they deserve, and I figured it was time we blew the doors of this thing and exposed it for what it really is.

You can check out all the symptoms that can come along with having a fear of success in part one here.

And so if those are the symptoms, what are the causes? How do we find out WHY we have a fear of success so we can overcome the fear and succeed anyway?

Causes of a Fear of Success:

  • “I don’t deserve it.” — Humility is a great quality, and one that all great leaders posses. On the flip side of humility though is self-confidence and a feeling of deserving the achievements you’ve worked so hard for… something else all great leaders posses. Feeling like you don’t deserve success can stop you in your tracks right before you reach it. Maybe you simply don’t feel you are worthy of the accolades being given to you, or maybe you feel there are others who deserve it as much as you, but who have not received the same achievements and/or recognition, and thus you believe you should not have them either. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are than to strive for something you have no business achieving anyway.
  • “I don’t want things to change.” — With great achievements come great change. A change in lifestyle, a change in the way people look at you, treat you and respond to you. A change in your own behavior. A change in what is expected of you. To achieve any great goal you must evolve far past the person you currently are, and that can be scary. What if you don’t like that person. What if your family, your spouse, your friends don’t like that person. What if the change in expectations isn’t what you signed up for. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are than to risk the unknown.”
  • “I won’t be able to maintain it.” — Achieving success is one thing. Maintaining it is another. Some people are fearful of succeeding because they don’t feel they’ll be able to maintain that success, and thus will let themselves and/or the people in their life down by “failing” after they succeed. Sometimes it’s easier to simply easier to stay where you are than to achieve something greater and risk losing it.
  • “Success will turn me into someone else.” — I’ve already said it, and it’s true: achieving a goal requires you to evolve past the person you are today. That’s the whole purpose of a goal, to evolve you. But what if you don’t like the evolution? What if achieving a goal makes you proud, shallow, self-centered. What if you forget where you started? What if you lose your empathy for those who have not yet achieved the same level of success you’ve had? Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are than risk allowing success to turn you into someone you don’t want to be.
  • “Others won’t agree with my success.” — Sometimes a fear of success comes from worrying that others won’t agree with the goals you set or the lifestyle that level of success will bring. These fears are often put on us by our friends, family and society as a whole, all of whom have taught us how life is “supposed” to be. When our goals have the potential to carry us past that norm we worry about how those around us will react. Often we also worry about leaving others behind, especially if we work closely with those who have similar goals as us, and end up achieving them before they do. Sometimes it’s easier to play small instead of risking the reactions of others by playing big.
  • “Success may not be all it’s cracked up to be.” — Sometimes we are scared that the reality of achieving a goal won’t match the picture we have in our mind. What if you reach your goal and it’s not enough? What if the change that comes with growing and achieving that goal creates things in your life you don’t enjoy. What if you get to the top of the mountain and find the climb wasn’t worth it? Sometimes it is easier to hold on to the ideal rather than risk that the reality isn’t all you imagined it was.

If we want to overcome and push through fear, we have to identify what it looks like in our life and WHY it’s there. Understanding why is KEY to breakthrough, because we often find the programmed “whys” living our heads are lies told to us by ourselves or others, and only by identifying them can we replace those lies with truths.

Jump on over to part 3 and I’ll share 5 specific strategies you can begin implementing NOW to overcome a fear of success and step into the greatness you deserve! Click Here to Read Part 3 of the Fear of Success Series

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