Why Consistency is the Key to Your Network Marketing Success

If I could make up a cheer to help you with your network marketing business is would go like this:


Kind of corny. But seriously. Consistency is one of the most often overlooked yet most vitally important skill you can learn to master when building your business.

Not your strong suit?

Find a way to make it so!

I have to trick myself into being consistent with my business.

Did you know?

Most of the blog posts and videos you see from me are pre-written and pre-recorded, then scheduled to go out at a certain time?

Same goes for the posts on my business Facebook page.

And my broadcast emails that go out to my list.

And my auto responder? Well it might as well be my right arm. THAT is how important it is to my business!

I have found that scheduling things in advance gives my business the consistency it needs to be successful. It lowers the number of things I do have to accomplish each day, and allows me to focus on just 2-3 activities instead of having to juggle two dozen.

Now, I have yet to find a way to pre-schedule live phone conversations or email replies, and I have no idea how to pre-send all the information packets that will need to go out months in advance. So if you do happen to find a way to do these things, please let me know 🙂

I joke, but this is a serious matter. If you aren’t naturally a consistent person, find ways to give yourself the illusion that you are!

I’ll give you another example — I have found that I am royally awful at sending information packets out on time when I don’t have the packets put together ahead of time.

I could say, “Well, I just don’t get my packets out on time. I’ll try to get better!”

But I know that getting information to my prospects in a timely manner is one of THE most important things I can do for my business!

So, to take care of my problem, I figured up how many info packets I need to send out over the course of the next 90 days based on the goals I have set for my business. Then, I spent an entire day and did nothing but put together nearly 200 info packets! Now, they are stuffed, stamped and waiting in a basket by my desk…. all I need is the name and address of the prospect and the packet is ready to go!

I’ve also found I am more consistent when on a schedule… right down to my first cup of coffee. If I realize too late that I’m out of coffee and have to make a trip down the street to Starbucks first thing in the morning my entire day is thrown out of whack. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true.

So, to ensure that doesn’t happen, I have my coffee shipped to me on auto-order.

Also a little crazy, but also true.

So there ya go. Become consistent, whatever it takes. Because the amount of consistency you exercise will make or break your business. Period. End of story.

You’re welcome 🙂

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