Whiners Aren’t Winners | The Power of Personal Responsibility

My husband ran across this blog a few months ago and has got me hooked on it.

I’ve always been into crime dramas, so reading the personal development skills taught in those professions straight from the head of a retired FBI agent is super interesting to me.

This post popped up in my Inbox this afternoon and I LOVE it!

Since when did people become allergic to personal responsibility??

I’ll tell you one thing… the day I realized the immense POWER of becoming personally responsible for every single thing my life, and completely aware that everything in and around me was the result of the choices I had made up to that point…. things changed.

They changed drastically. And they changed QUICKLY.

Stop whining. Step up, take responsibility for your life and I can guarantee you will become more free than you have EVER thought possible!!

And go check out this blog post 🙂 

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