This is going to be short, but very powerful: 

10:30 on a Thursday night.

I am standing at the bar in our kitchen, assembling information packets for my primary company.

My husband is in our home office doing payroll and invoices for his business.

It’s been pretty quiet for the past hour or so… it’s been a busy day and we still have a lot we want to get done.

Suddenly, from the kitchen I ask out loud,

“What do normal people do?”

My husband replies,

“I have no idea!”


Things don’t look like this every night in our house. I will say though, it is a rather frequent occurrence. We work hard, but we do that so we can play hard.

No matter what direction you want to go in life, it is nearly impossible to stand out if you merely do the status quo.

People see the victories…. the speeches, the trophies, the large houses, the fancy cars. What is not seen are nights like this — the small steps that lead to those big accomplishments.

People don’t see the long hours of work or training, the blood, sweat, tears and frustration that happen between Point A and Point B.

Look closely though, and you will find them behind virtually every success story.

“Today I will do what others won’t,
So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” 

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