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What it is about some people that makes them successful, while others are not?

This thought is one that has plagued my mind many many times… and through my endless thoughts, and insights from great books by Brian Tracy, Michael Clouse, Napoleon Hill, etc, I have come to two conclusions:

1) Mindset and
2) Action

Let’s start with the first: They say that a successful lifestyle starts with a successful mindset. Believing that you are successful, and believing that you hold (within yourself) the power to achieve your dreams. For a while, this was my MAIN focus when it came to building my business. I let the thoughts of success consume me… and I figured that, hey — if you truly can become successful by thinking like a successful person, then I had it in the bag.

But this brings me to my second point — which is action. Now, this one has taken me longer to “get” — and I think many people have the same problem as me. There is a BIG difference in knowing what it takes to become a successful person (no matter what your ambition), an actually DOING what it takes to become a successful person.

That difference, (action), is what makes up the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

You can read all the books, set all the goals and make all the plans — but if you never get down to DOING the actions, you will never succeed in life.

This new insight has had a powerful impact on my daily routine — I have my day fully mapped out on paper… in my day planner — that way, I know exactly what I should be doing at any given hour. I have time set aside for checking emails, cleaning the house, running errands, attending meetings, working out, calling prospects, training team members, etc. And I try (or should I say I am striving daily) to stick to that schedule until it becomes a habit.

I say this because I know that when I can habitually follow the schedule I have set for myself, I will have all the ingredients, perfectly combined, for success. Success will have become inevitable.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Epictetus:

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

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