I was SO excited to learn last night that one of my mentors, Richard Brooke, would be speaking at our upcoming SendOutCards convention. I had the privilege to work with Richard for about a year back in 2010 and will always attribute the things I learned throughout that experience to my future success.

Years before I actually had the opportunity to meet and work with Richard I began reading his book, Mach II With Your Hair on Fire, twice per year. This book goes way¬†beyond just goal setting — it explains the role that self-motivation plays in our success and teaches you how to create a movie in your mind compelling enough to drive you forward towards your aim in life.

I have felt the power and the energy this technique can have in your life when you finally “get it” and believe me, it is like no other. You become unstoppable — not because challenges won’t pursue you, but because you refuse to allow anything to get in your way.

In lieu of my own blog post today, I’d like to send you over to Richard’s most recent Vision blog post entitled “Your Past, Your Present or Your Future?” I guarantee it will be well worth the read!

And when you’re done — go ahead and pick up a copy of Mach II. Read it, absorb it and prepare for your life to be forever changed!




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