How to Use the Next 76 Days to Jumpstart Your New Year

1812. That’s roughly how many hours we have until sparkly dresses, champagne toasts and saying goodbye to 2016 forever. It’s been a good year… but it’s not over yet. You can use the next 76 days to jumpstart your New Year in a HUGE way.

We all know how it is… January 1st, the cardinal day of goal setting, is quickly approaching. A few people may give their 2017 goals some thought before the New Year rolls in, but most won’t REALLY start thinking about what they hope their new year brings until halfway through New Years Day. Even then, the vast majority of people will think about their resolution for a moment and be filled with a quickly fading burst of excitement that will surely be gone by January 3rd.

Maybe you’ve done that in the past.

Maybe you’re sitting here right now thinking, “Oh man… that’s exactly what I did last year.”

Don’t worry. You still have time.

76 days. 1812 hours, in fact. You can still make some serious progress on your 2016 goals and simultaneously set yourself up for a HUGE jumpstart in 2017 by implementing one powerful word into your daily routine: Focus.

We don’t have much time, so here’s a quick formula for exactly how to make the most out of the next 76 days:

1. Pick a goal that will have the single greatest impact in your overall happiness and success for 2017. This can be a career goal, a financial goal, a health goal or a family/relationship goal.

2. Pick ONE action that, if taken consistently over a long enough period of time, would have the single greatest impact in helping you achieve that goal.

3. Commit to taking that ONE action EVERY DAY, first thing.

Why first thing? Because if you don’t do it first thing, you won’t do it.

Do it first. Do it now. Do it every day.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

One of the MAIN things I hear from consultants in the network marketing/direct sales industry is, “I don’t have enough people to talk to.”

So, if creating a full-time income in your network marketing business is the goal you’ve chosen to focus on I don’t think I’d be too off base to say that one of the actions that could have the single greatest impact on your business would be to meet 10 new people every day.

No, you don’t approach these people about your business the day you meet them… in fact, you may NEVER approach some of them about your business… but you’re growing your network, thus growing the list of people you know who you can eventually share your business with.

So how do you meet 10 new people every day? Well, there are people everywhere… but one of my FAVORITE ways is to use this neat little tool, you may have heard of it… the internet. And specifically, Facebook.

I’m not going to get into it here, but when you finish reading this post you can go check out the post I wrote about how to grow your network using facebook.

Now, let’s break this down using our formula:

1. The goal I’m choosing to focus on that will have the single greatest impact on my overall happiness and success for 2017 is to create a full time income with my network marketing business.

2. The action that will have the single greatest impact on my ability to create a full time income is to grow my network by meeting 10 new people every day.

3. Every morning, first thing, I’m going to meet 10 new people on Facebook. (*hint* this will take you less than 30 minutes)

There are 76 days left in 2016. If you commit to meeting 10 new people every day (except for Christmas Day) you’ll grow your network by 750 people before now and the end of the year. WOW!

Isn’t that simple?

What about other goals?

Wanting to reach a specific weight? Pick a specific GOAL WEIGHT (focus on a weight you’ll be happy with, not on a specific number of pounds to gain/lose), then select an action that will have the single greatest impact in helping you achieve your goal (*hint* to lose weight, move more and eat less).

So, what’s your goal?

What goal, if achieved, would have the single greatest impact on your overall happiness and success in 2017?

What action, when repeated consistently over time, will have the single greatest impact toward achieving your goal?

Decide on the goal. Decide on the Action. Commit to taking that action first thing, every day.

And if you’d like to add an extra dose of motivation, print of a picture that represents the achievement of your goal. Maybe creating a full time income with your network marketing business would allow you to retire from your current full-time position, give you more time with your family or contribute to your family finances to allow you to take extra vacations or purchase a new home. Maybe reaching your goal weight would increase your life expectancy, raise your energy level, solve other health problems or simply just boost your self confidence! The answer doesn’t matter… just as long as it’s impactful and powerful to you! Print off a photo that represents your answer and hang it on your bathroom mirror as a reminder to take action, first thing, every day.

So what does it take to take your action first thing every day? What are you going to have to sacrifice to make that happen?

Maybe you need to set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier each day to give yourself time to meet 10 people, fit in a quick run or do meal prep for your healthy meals for the day. It’s not forever… it’s for 75 days.

Could you possibly get up 30 minutes earlier every day for the next 75 days in order to create a HUGE impact on your life for the next year?

Of course you can!

So go do it!

I would LOVE to hear what your GOAL and your ACTION are for the next 75 days to set yourself up for a HUGE 2017. Feel free to share in the comments, and if you got value from this post please like, share and comment on social media as well!

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