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If you were to browse my personal library you’d find quite a few books on business and personal development. However few would be as worn as my copy of The Slight Edge book by Jeff Olson.

The spine is cracked, the pages are dog eared, the text is underlined and highlight and the margins are full of notes. Without a doubt this book ranks high on the list of my favorite books of all time.

If you’re looking for a book with the potential to change the entire trajectory of every area of your life, The Slight Edge book would be a good one to start with. Few books will have as powerful of an impact on every facet of your life… on every decision you make… day in and day out as this book will.

The premise of The Slight Edge book is this:

Every day, with every decision, every action, every inaction, you are either moving closer to the best version of yourself or moving farther away from it. 

That movement is the Slight Edge.

The time you get out of bed each morning. The foods you choose to feed [or choose not to feed] your body. The books you read. The television shows you watch. The people you talk to.

Every habit, every pattern, every thought is either helping you move forward or causing you to move backwards.

This book taught me that if an area of my life is progressing particularly well, it’s because of The Slight Edge. And when things are falling apart? Well, that’s the Slight Edge too.

But The Slight Edge book does more than simply define the Slight Edge for you.

It reveals the determining factor behind why some people seem to be constantly moving forward, while others seem to only slide backwards.

It explains why you may be successful in some areas of your life while at the same time being unable to achieve the success you desire in other areas.

It defines the unwritten rule that governs our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. And once you do become aware, it teaches you how to rewire your thinking and beliefs to make the rules work in your favor.

If you’ve been struggling to achieve the success you’re looking for and can’t seem to get any traction, The Slight Edge book is the one for you. Few books have the power to positively influence every facet of your life, but I assure you this one does!

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