The Most Powerful Goal Setting Strategy I’ve Ever Learned

Goal Setting Principles -- Take Ownership of Your Goal

We’ve all done it… get really excited about a new idea, set a goal, jump into massive action and then…. 



Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Your dreams have gone kaput!

You may not realize it… but the path of massive action is where many goals go to die.

So if you don’t want YOUR goals to become roadkill on that treacherous path…. heed this warning. For real.

If you decided to become a mountain climber, how would you begin? There are many different options you could go with, but likely you would not attempt to climb Mount Everest on your first day. And if you did, you would probably die.

Why? Because you weren’t prepared. You lacked the proper equipment, the proper skills, and the proper training.

Goal setting is the same thing.

Massive action is the Everest of the goal setting journey… and if you set out to scale it on day one, it will likely be the last thing you do.

In tomorrow’s blog post I’m going to tell you a story about a goal I’ve been working on over the past six months. It’s a goal I set at the beginning of the year, and while the progress may appear minimal to some, I am confidant that by the year’s end I will have not only achieved, but exceeded my own expectations.

But what good is a story of mine if you don’t have the skill-set to do the same thing for yourself? So bear with me for now… I’m going to give you the facts now, and the living-proof tomorrow.

I learned an important goal setting principle about 5 years ago that forever altered my life. Although I didn’t know it at the time, that principle was the basis upon which every goal I had ever achieved had been built… and I would be willing to bet a lot of money that it is true in your life as well!

My awareness of this principle is what changed everything. I now understood how to activate it consciously… and use it as an unstoppable tool in all my goal setting endeavors.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is:

If you want to set and achieve a goal you must refrain from beginning with action, and instead, begin with your philosophy.  

You see — your philosophy is who you are, what you know and how it affects you.

Your philosophy is the “mental preparedness” of goal setting.

Your philosophy determines your attitude, which in turn determine your actions, which in turn develop your results, which in turn develop your lifestyle.

It sounds so simple. And it is. So simple, and yet so few people know and understand this powerful, powerful concept.

If you want to change or achieve something in your life, you MUST begin with your philosophy. You MUST go to work on the information you know… the way you understand it and the way you allow it to affect your life.

If you don’t. If you make the mistake that millions of others have made… which is to begin with your actions based on a specific attitude that came from a specific emotion you had at a specific moment in time…. you will also experience the results that so many millions of others have experienced.

And that is no results at all.

Want to lose weight? Educate yourself on health, good diet and exercise.

Want to be financially free? Educate yourself on all aspects of earning, maintaining and growing money.

Want to have a better relationship with your kids? Educate yourself on the subject of parenting.

The problem with so many goals we set is that we begin at the wrong step. We try to climb Mount Everest before we’ve even purchased our hiking boots. It’s ludicrous!

Last year, I wrote a book on 7 Goal Setting Strategies that Work. I didn’t write this book for my own amusement. I did not write it for my own monetary gain. I did not write it on a whim and I did not write it based on “fluff” that I had never personally experienced.

I wrote it because it’s true. The principles in that book are facts I have seen work in my life over and over and over again.

I’ve seen them work by their presence in the goals I’ve achieved and I’ve seen them work by the lack of their presence in the goals that flopped.

And I’m seeing them work in my life right now.

Want to change your life? It’s not difficult! But it does take a conscious effort to change the way you’ve always been doing things. If you want something different, you’ve got to do something different and go about it in a different way.

So if what you’ve read just now intrigued you at all, you want to get the free copy of the entire first chapter of my book. Even if you never read the rest of it, the stuff in chapter 1 is gold. It changed my life, and it has the power to change yours too:

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And be sure to check out tomorrow’s post for the story!


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