The Little-Known Fear That’s Keeping You from Succeeding

We’ve all heard of the fear of failure, the fear of rejection and the fear of the unknown. These common fears stop too many people in their tracks, often before they even get started, when it comes to building a successful business. There’s one other fear though that’s not often talked about: the fear of success.


How could someone possibly be afraid of being successful?

It’s more common than you think.

If you or someone you know has a fear of success, it’s likely you’ll recognize the signs in this example:

Mary has been diligently working her business for the past 6 months. She got off to a fast start and flew through the ranks as a newbie. In fact, she surprised everyone, including herself, with how quickly she was able to earn back her initial investment and put a little bit of extra cash in her pocket. But that’s where the good things came to an end. You see, as Mary’s success began to grow she found herself waking up each morning less and less motivated to work her business. She was just steps away from her next big promotion, but instead of staying in the income-producing activity she had been in for the past 6 months, she found herself filling her schedule with busy work and doing all the “not to-dos” her upline had warned her about in the beginning. As the weeks go on this gets worse and worse… Mary is listening to training, getting on coaching calls with her team (most of whom are not doing a darn thing), and has become very proficient at making excuses as to WHY she is no longer in that income producing activity she’d been doing so well just months before. 

Next thing you know, Mary’s business begins to backslide. Her consultants, who do what Mary does (not what she says) begin to disengage and quit. Her customer base begins to thin out. She looks longingly at that promotion, once so close at hand, and beats herself up for not being able to reach it. She begins to question her own abilities, her company, her products, her team and everything else. She might rally and build her business back to its highest point, but can never quite get past that point and on to achieving her big goal. If only she could figure out what she was doing wrong…

Well Mary, let me introduce you to the Fear of Success. A nasty thing, fear of success often looks like a fear of failure… but its origins (meaning the way you OVERCOME it) are much different.

Today we’re going to start by looking at the main “symptoms” associated with having of a fear of success, then over the next two days we’ll examine the main causes, and I’ll wrap up by giving you a list of strategies you can employ to overcome and break through the fear of success to FINALLY achieve the goals you both want and deserve:

Symptoms of a Fear of Success:

  • “Freezing” right before you hit a big goal, even after months or years of steady progress.
  • Feelings of guilt over any small amounts of success you DO have either because
    • You don’t feel you deserve the success you’ve achieved
    • You know others who haven’t reached the success you’ve had
  • Avoiding or procrastinating on the specific actions that you know will lead to your success
  • Negative self talk that sabotages your efforts to succeed (I’m not good enough, I don’t know how, I don’t deserve it, etc)
  • Feelings of distraction, irritability, and agitation as you get close to reaching a goal
  • Getting close to a goal and suddenly deciding it’s not important, leading you to drop or change the goal before you reach it

Essentially, fear of success comes down to self-sabotage either through your actions, inactions, or thought processes. You arrive at a certain point then STOP doing the things you’ve done that got you to that point. You pull back… you shrink down… you begin a self-sabotaging inner dialogue that keeps you from taking action or gets you focused on doing the wrong actions.


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