I’m feeling rather inspired today. Maybe it’s because they started construction on our home remodel today, and the framing crew is working in the garage blaring hard rock music on their stereo. After all, who doesn’t love a little Led Zeppelin to kick off their Monday morning?

I had this idea over the weekend and almost posted it on Saturday. How cool would it be to do a “fun” post once a week? Then it dawned on me… we are NETWORK MARKETERS… so it only makes sense to do “fun” posts on Mondays.

The whole point of this is to get some conversation going… so comment and play along!

Question of the Day (inspired by the framing crew and Led Zeppelin): 

What is your favorite kind of music to jam out to when your in the “zone” and getting things done?

I love Texas Country music — a lot small bands that you’ve probably never heard of if you don’t live in Texas, and maybe not even then. 

You’re turn! 

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