TGIM — Liven Up Your Family Holidays

Thank God it’s Monday!!

A couple of years ago my Mom got the bright idea to make a change in our family holiday tradition. That is, the tradition of everyone showing up just to eat, then spending the rest of the day in a coma in front of the TV or taking a nap.

So, the Holiday Craft tradition was born!

We’ve made marshmellow snowmen, cupcake bunnies, gingerbread houses, pirate eggs and yesterday, for Easter, we made Easter Bunny Race Cars!

My Dad created a race track on poster board (The Live for Christ 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway), we purchased Little Debbie’s Cloud Cakes (twinkies), Large Marshmellows, Pink Bunny Peeps, Icing, Sprinkles and Toothpicks.

After lunch, the fun began — of course we had an “example”, but everyone took some creative license and made their bunny their own. My Dad decorated his car to look like his favorite Nascar. My brother used an extra marshmallow to create a helmet for his bunny, my sister covered her marshmallow wheels in flower sprinkles and someone decided to eat one ear off of their bunny and call it an “injury”.

Here are a few pics from the craft!

TGIM -- Easter CraftTGIM -- Easter CraftTGIM -- Easter CraftTGIM -- Easter Craft

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