3 Things To Do If You Aren’t Getting Support From Your Network Marketing Upline

In this article I’m going to be talking about what you should do if you aren’t getting support from your network marketing upline. My business partner and I are very fortunate in our current company where we have a GREAT upline team. However, for the majority of our career we’ve been in situations where our upline either wasn’t supportive, or we were frontline to the company and had no upline at all!

When you don’t have an upline, but are determined to build a huge business anyway, you figure out pretty quickly what you need to do to make that happen. In today’s episode I’m going to share my 3 best tips for what to do if you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline.

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“I’m Not Getting Support From My Network Marketing Upline”

Believe it or not, it’s INCREDIBLY common to not get support from your network marketing upline. It’s usually not malicious… remember,  your upline is a real person too! They may just not be at a time in their life where focusing on their business is a huge priority for them. Maybe they’re goals just aren’t as big as yours, or maybe their goals are taking them in a different direction.

Or hey, maybe your upline is pretty new to the business, and simply doesn’t know HOW to support you in the best way!

If the person you enrolled under can’t or won’t support you in your business the way you wish they would, my first suggestion is to always search further UPLINE until you find a leader whose building the business seriously.

Be prepared though… because when you find a big leader in your upline and ask for their advice, they’re going to expect you to follow it! Be humble and coachable… keep a positive attitude and be ready to soak up their knowledge like a sponge. Then, be sure to apply everything you learn!

If you’re in a situation like we were though, where you truly DON’T have an upline leader who can or is willing to support you in your business, then here are my 3 best tips for what to do if you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline.

Ironically, even if you have the most awesome upline leader on the planet… these tips can still help you grow your business bigger, faster.

If You’re Not Getting Support From Your Network Marketing Upline | Tip #1: Take Personal Responsibility

It all starts with mindset. 

In network marketing it’s important to remember, you are the CEO of your own business! 

No one is responsible for your success but you… and that’s a good thing, because that means you can succeed even if your upline isn’t supporting you in your business.

Personal Responsibility is one of the greatest assets to your success in any area of your life. When you begin to recognize that you and you alone or responsible for every facet of your life, it creates a sense of freedom and limitless potential beyond what you can even imagine!

Personal Responsibility happens when you recognize that, in every situation, you have a choice. You cannot always choose your circumstances, but you CAN always choose your reaction to them.

I have a personal rule in life that I use to measure every decision I make:

It simply states that, if and when I am unhappy with any facet of my life I have 3 choices: I can accept it, I can change it, or I can remove it.

What I can’t do is sit around and whine about it without taking action. Complaining gets you absolutely nowhere in life.

So, if you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline recognize that you have 3 choices: You can accept it, and determine that you’re going to figure out how to succeed even without their help… you can change it, by seeking out another company and another partnership with a more supportive upline to help you reach your goals…. Or you can remove it, and quit the network marketing industry all together and give up on your dream.

In every situation, my business partner and I went with choice number one. We determined that NO ONE would determine our success but ourselves, and so we figured out how to succeed despite not having support from our network marketing upline.

Eventually, we arrived at a point in our career where it became clear that we needed to find another network marketing home. It had nothing to do with an upline (or a lack of one), but we did include a strong upline team in our pre-requisites for our next partnership. So yes, we do have an awesome upline now… but guess what, A) it didn’t happen by chance. We designed it that way! And B) it still doesn’t matter! Our awesome upline is not responsible for our success. We are. Just as you are responsible for your own success, too!

If You’re Not Getting Support From Your Network Marketing Upline | Tip #2

This tip should be a requisite rule included on the terms and conditions of every distributor agreement. The number one reason people fail in network marketing is not because they don’t have enough people to talk to, don’t know how to present or don’t know how to convert their interested prospects into team members.

The number one reason people fail in network marketing is because they do not invest in the education that will help them LEARN how to execute those 3 skills easily and effectively.

I tell people all the time: network marketing is simple, but it is NOT easy.

It’s not!

But a little self education goes a long way. And if you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline this becomes even more important!

If you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline the most important thing you do can do is take personal responsibility by investing your time and sometimes money into the personal education that will help you succeed.

Every day, spend a minimum of 30 minutes in personal or professional development. Each is important — personal development will help you develop the mindset and belief systems you need to overcome any obstacles and create success in your business. Professional Development will help you learn the skill sets, prospecting, presentation and duplication, to enroll people in your business and grow a huge team.

What’s really cool is today, it doesn’t matter if you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline because there are so many top earners out there who are willing to share their knowledge with anyone through books and videos (like that 4-Step Online Prospecting and Team Building training I mentioned earlier!) Find a couple of leaders whose style you connect with, and plug in to what they’re sharing!


If You’re Not Getting Support From Your Network Marketing Upline | Tip #3: Seek Outside Help

We all get by with a little help from our friends. And sometimes, when you’re not getting support from your network marketing upline it’s time to seek some outside help!

Books and audios are great, but there’s been one strategy that’s proven to help me get to the next level of my business any time I’ve needed it, and that’s been seeking out the help from a coach or mentor who was already where I wanted to be.

My business partner (Mom :)) and I did this back in early 2006 when we were literally banging our heads against the wall trying to get some traction and momentum in our business. We sought out a mentor who introduced us to a few simple, systematic strategies that helped our team become the fastest growing team in our company.

We learned the value of having a coach or mentor who can make your path a little easier, and have continued to seek those people out at every stage of our career to help us get to the next level faster.

Sometimes, you just need someone to give you the simple strategies and that little “push” you need to put what you learn into action so you can get results in your business. And that’s what’s so cool about this industry we call network marketing… there are plenty of people around who are more than willing to help you!

If you’re looking for some simple strategies to help you enroll people every week and build a huge team online without bugging friends and family, be sure to check out this free training my Mom and I put together where we share the 4-Step Online Prospecting and Team Building Blueprint we used to create a 6-Figure Business.

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