Success Principles | When the Going Gets Tough

No matter what you are aspiring to achieve in life, there will always be moments when the going gets tough.

If the road to success were easy… it would be travelled by everyone! Instead, what you’ll find, is that the further along the road you travel, the more obstacles will be in your way.

Success is just like that. It is not for the faint of heart!

So, if you’re going to face obstacles, what are some things you can do to overcome and arrive on the other side?

  • Pause, Breath and Re-Group: The key here is not to panic. At first sight, an obstacle may appear to be insurmountable — but when we stop, take a breath and re-examine what lies ahead of us, we’ll find that is rarely the case. So before you panic and run the other way, take a moment to pause… take a deep breath… and take a second look.
  • Take Your Imagination Out of the Equation:  As human beings we are really adept at seeing a challenge and jumping straight to “worst-case-scenario”. Come on… you know you do it! If your imagination runs away with yourself don’t be afraid to yell STOP IT… and don’t shut up until it really listens! Just because an obstacle lies in your path does not mean your ambitions have met their mortal doom. Tell your imagination to take a hike… see the obstacle for what it really is and then refer back to step 1.
  • Celebrate Your Small Achievements: It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the big picture, that you forget about the progress you’ve already made. I’m guilty of this myself… being such a goal oriented person it’s so easy for me to become discouraged when I haven’t reached the BIG GOAL and I forget to notice the small achievements I’ve already made along the way. A good way to combat this habit is to set up a small reward system based on ACTIONS as opposed to RESULTS. Reward yourself for taking consistent action in the direction of your goal… do this long enough and the results won’t be far behind!!
  • Find Your Inner Lion: In the Wizard of Oz, all the lion wanted was a little courage. Turns out, it was in him along! We all have an inner lion, and when the going gets tough sometimes we have no choice but to get tougher! Get mad if you have to, but put yourself in a state of mind that just won’t take “no” for an answer. When you get fed up enough with where you are, you’ll do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be!

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