Success Principles | Some Little Known Facts About Opportunity

I’ve got a list of success principles today regarding the topic of opportunity. Some say “in this economy” it no longer exists. Others say it only comes to those who are “lucky”, “in the right place”, or “know the right people”.

I happen to disagree with all of those opinions. Opportunity is everywhere if you know where to look and learn what it looks like. That being said, here are a few little known facts about opportunity:

  1. It Is No Respecter Of Persons: That’s right. Opportunity is not partial to people of a certain social status, bank balance or wardrobe. It does not care what you look like, who your family is or what you had for breakfast. Will you be introduced to all the same opportunities as the President of the United States? Probably not. Does that mean the opportunities he has are better than yours? No way. You don’t have to be rich, popular or a genius to be presented with opportunities. You just have to learn how to recognize them!
  2. It Is Not Always Found Where You Think to Look: Think of opportunity as a really good opponent in the game of hide and seek. You know, like that teeny tiny kid in your third grade class who could fold herself up inside a locker. Opportunity is not always found in the most likely places… that’s why many people never find the opportunities they are looking for! Success people learn to see opportunity in everything… especially in the places others don’t bother to look.
  3. Sometimes Its Messy: Many people think they will recognize a good opportunity when they see it because it will appear on their doorstep packaged in a neatly wrapped gift box with a perfectly tied bow on top. I’ve got a secret for you: forget the bow. Heck, forget the gift box! Sometimes the best opportunities are found in a crumpled paper bag on the side of the road. They are often covered in dust and have suffered some neglect. All they need is someone with a little belief and a lot of elbow grease! You have a choice — to be that person, or to pass it by and leave it for someone else who will be.
  4. It Probably Won’t Be Easy: Too many people think a good opportunity is not supposed to be difficult. “If it is really meant to be it shouldn’t be this hard!”, they say. Oh, if they only knew how difficult the best opportunities can be! If an opportunity is easy, it’s probably not really an opportunity at all. Opportunities lie in wait for the person who is willing to put in the time and the work to make it pay off. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  5. It WILL Get Messy: So you successfully avoided mistakes 1-4. While walking a lonely and deserted rode you came across a golden opportunity wrapped in a crumbled paper back. You picked it up, dusted it off, and put in the elbow grease and the time. You discover this WAS a great opportunity after all! That is… until the morning you woke up and it wasn’t. Every good opportunity will be filled with roadblocks, potholes and detours. People think the highway to success is a newly-paved 6-lane highway when in reality it is more like a back-country dirt road that is going to jostle and jar you all the way to your destination. You will probably get stuck in the mud. You will probably have to get out and push a little. You may run out of gas and you may get lost. What’s important though is to ignore all those exit signs promising smooth travels and plenty of rest stops… they don’t lead to the destination you’re seeking!

So there you have it! 5 success principles you may or may not have heard of. Opportunity is everywhere. You just have to learn where to look, and what to look for! 

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