Success Principles | Never Say Never & An Announcement

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Never Say Never”? Betcha didn’t realize its another one of those important success principles, did you?

I’ll confess. I sure didn’t.

I said never. And now, I’m eating my words.

And if you’ll indulge me… I’d like to tell you a story. My story. 100% in full. 

I was raised in a home where both of my parents were self-employed. When I was born, my Mom was a school teacher and my Dad was a farmer. Not too long after that they both left their careers to pursue a joint career which they hoped would bring more time freedom for our family — they opened a retail furniture store.

And more time freedom it did bring… at least, in a way. It allowed the three of us to spend all day every day together — at least until I started kindergarten. That was in 1993.

It only took 1 year of school for my parents to realize they needed to make another change. This time, it involved a move — 60 miles north, away from family and friends — to the “big city”, Lubbock, Texas.

Again, this brought about a change in careers — this time, my Mom became a stay-at-home travel agent, and my Dad started an irrigation and landscaping business. This arrangement worked fine, until the “Great Surprise of 1997” — my little brother 🙂

It was at this point that my Mom began to search for something else she could do from home. Something that required less time and could offer more money. Not many jobs like that, are there? Well, thankfully for me… my Mom discovered the industry of direct sales.

She began her direct sales career in home-party companies. At the time, she enjoyed getting out of the house a few nights a week and it was something that she and I could do together. When my sister came along 3 years later, circumstances changed again. Now my Mom needed to be at home.

It took quite a few companies, and more effort than I probably even realize, but in 2003… 2 1/2 years after my sister was born…. my Mom was introduced to a company called Scent-Sations. They were pretty new… had only been around about a year at that time… and their product was a gourmet scented soy wax candle. We all loved the products, and she started to build.

The month my Mom started with Scent-Sations I was finishing up my first year as a high school student. I’ll be honest, I didn’t give it much attention at first. I liked the candles, but that was where my interest stopped.

But then things started to happen. I mean REALLY happen. That little candle business started to grow. My Mom got her first comma check… and then another… and another… and each month the check got bigger and bigger. Pretty soon we had the Network Marketing lifestyle… and we were all in. Hook, line and sinker.

She started to become recognized for what she was doing in her business. She even won Dsitributor of the Year at the annual company convention.

Now I was paying attention. 

As my junior year of high school was winding down, and talks of college and career were quite frequent, my Mom said to me… “I really think you should consider Network Marketing.”

It took a bit of time, but the promises of both time and financial freedom (two things I would need in great supply if I wished to continue my horseback riding passion), I agreed. And in April of 2005 I began my career as a network marketer.

I was a shy, quiet, junior in high school with a very low self-esteem, but I listened to personal development tapes in my car on the way to school, and I read personal development books before bed at night.

The few friends I had thought I was nuts.

I cared a little, but not enough to quit.

I ended up graduating from high school early half a later… started college that winter and it didn’t take me long to realize network marketing was going to be my thing.

1 year later I left school, ended a long-term rotten relationship, sold my horse and proceeded to do absolutely NOTHING with my business for the next 1 year.

In case you lost count, this lands us at January 1st, 2008.

They say New Years Resolutions are a bunch of crap, and usually they are. But for some reason the one I set that year stuck. I picked up a book at the beginning of that New Year that forever changed my life for the better. The book was Maximum Achievement, by Brian Tracy. It is still my most favorite personal development book in the world. I even like it better than the one I wrote myself.

Over the course of that year I proceeded to grow my business with a fire and a passion I had not yet possessed. I achieved a leadership rank within the company, and was a speaker at 3 company events. Yes, I was successful… but it was my age that people really liked. I was only 21 years old.

Over the next 2 years my business began to grow and flourish. Then, in February of 2010 we made the decision to stop building that company, and go out in search of a new network marketing home.

I won’t go into the details of what has happened the past 3 years. I will say though, that despite some challenges they have been some of the best 3 of my life. I had the opportunity to meet and form relationships with some of the most incredible people in this world. I count many of them as my mentors, and am blessed enough to count a few of them as close friends. Friendships I know I will hold for a lifetime.

Over the past 3 years I have had the opportunity to learn more about myself and my life purpose than I could have ever hoped to discover, and yet, I also know that journey is just getting started.

Over the past 3 years I have developed myself into a leader. More so than I ever did when I actually held a clear leadership title within a company. That is proof that you don’t have to possess a huge following in order to become a leader. Leadership is something that happens within yourself, long before the followers ever show up.

I swore I would never return the company where I began my network marketing journey. And now for the announcement: 

I have come to the realization that it is time to go back home.

1 week ago my Mom and I made the decision to return to Scent-Sations.

We have made many decisions together over the past 8 years… some led more by one of us than the other… but I can honestly say that this decision was 100% mutual.

It could not have happened a moment sooner. And yet, it could not have happened any later. The timing was absolutely perfect. And it feels SO good to be home!

Over the past week we have been reconnecting with old friends and business partners. While some travelled with us on this 3 years journey, many did not, and it has been a most-wonderful reunion.

We are excited to be on this new journey with so many familiar faces. I look forward to many old and familiar paths, along with many new ones that are yet to be forged. While much is the same, much has also changed, and I look forward to embracing both familiarity and adventure.

So that’s my announcement. And my story. At least for now.

And before you go googling “Scent-Sations”…. here’s the link to my company website.


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