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One of the most often overlooked success principles is to make time for recreation. Often when talking about success people focus only on the work, and forget to have some fun!

One of my mentors has a funny saying that always makes me laugh:
“All work and no play makes you…. dull.” And who wants to work with a dull person anyway?

As entrepreneurs we can often have the tendency to become one-track-minded. At least, I know this is definitely true for me! When I have an exciting project going on, recreation is the first thing out the window.

What we often don’t think about though, is the REFRESHMENT that can come from just a small amount of recreation.

Let’s think about that word for a moment — recreation. Or, to be re-created. Taking some time out to have a bit of fun is not only recommended, it’s essential to refresh and rejuvenate your creative mind.

So here’s the rules at my house —

  • Do at least one FUN non-work-related activity every weekend. In the fall, that activity is usually centered around football. The rest of the year though I like to mix it up a bit! For example… going to a concert with friends, cooking out with my family or participating in a horse show or training clinic.
  • Having dinner together is mandatory. No matter what’s on the calendar, we always at least a 45 minute break to relax and enjoy our evening meal together.
  • Find time to exercise several times a week. For Rob, this is either going to the gym or to our neighborhood cross fit class. For me, it’s spending half an hour on my horse at the barn. Not only is exercise good for stress relief, but it also gives you time by yourself where your mind can rest from whatever work-related activities you have going on at the time.
  • Travel frequently. We chose travel because it is an activity we both LOVE and can do together. We plan lots of weekend getaways and a few longer vacations every year. Nothing gets us more inspired and refreshed than spending some quality time together in a new and exciting place.

So those are just a few recreational tips you can follow to keep your mind focused and energized as you go throughout your weekly work routine. Not only will you find things like this will increase your productivity during work hours… but they will also keep you from becoming dull! 🙂

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