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Who knew there were so many success principles? Here’s another great one for today…

Everyone wants to be an inspiration to others. Be it personally, spiritually, through business or any other various areas, it always feels good to know your actions have inspired someone else.

But what about you? Are you inspired by your own actions?

So many people don’t understand the power of becoming who you want to be on the INSIDE long before there is evidence on the outside. Want people to follow you? LEAD before anyone is following. Want people to listen to you? SPEAK before anyone is listening. Want to be financially free? DREAM while the bank account is still empty.

If you spend your time waiting for people before you step up and lead, you will be waiting forever. If you spend your time waiting for people to listen before you begin to speak, you will be waiting forever. If you spend your time waiting to be financially free before you start acting like you are, you will be waiting forever!

This is one of the most important success principles you can master! Your future depends on it!

When I first started this blog, I had an audience of two consistent readers… my husband and my Mom. What if I had said to myself, “Well, when I get more traffic I will blog.” It never would have happened!!

So here it is… if you want your life to be an inspiration to others, make it an inspiration to YOURSELF! Do things every day that inspire you. Do things every day that make you think, “Wow, what I did today was really cool.” Even if you are the only one who knows about it!

If you build it (in your mind), they will come!

Make the decision today to begin acting like an inspiration. You may be surprised how many people are watching you already, and I know you will be surprised at how quickly your audience grows once you begin jumping into action. I know I have been!

I aspire to not only share these success principles, but to live by them. So I make it a point to do at least one thing that inspires me every single day. Yesterday, I chose to be inspired by my consistency. Today, I chose to be inspired by what I know is God’s plan for my life. Tomorrow, I will be inspired by something else.

When you first choose to become inspired, it will not be long before you becoming inspiring.

Think about it.

Now do something about it.

Inspire yourself today!

Success Principles Quote of the Day”You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
~ Jack London

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