Success Loves Speed | Using Momentum to Reach Your Big Goals Fast

I can’t help it. I read the title in today’s post and that infamous quote from Talladega Nights pops into my head: “I wanna go fast.”

Confession: I can’t stand that movie! I guess I’ve just never been one to enjoy that kind of comedy. I know, I know… it’s funny! But it’s a little too over the top for me.

That being said… going fast when you’re setting out to achieve a new goal can be a very good thing. Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre once said to me, “Success loves speed.” And I have never forgotten that phrase!

When you’ve set a big goal, momentum is your BEST FRIEND. Many people believe it’s difficult to achieve a big goal quickly… but what if I were to challenge that belief and tell you, it’s much easier to reach a big goal QUICKLY than to start off slow.

Here are a Few Reasons Why:

  • High Point of Enthusiasm vs Low Point of Skills: We’ve all been there. We set a goal and are SO excited to achieve it… but have no idea what we’re doing. This is more common than you think… in fact, I’ll even challenge you to believe if you know exactly how to get to where you want to go, you’re not thinking BIG enough! Goals challenge us to grow, and when we set a new goal, despite our lack of knowledge those first few weeks are FULL of major enthusiasm.When you set out with massive action, you give yourself the opportunity to allow your skills to catch up to your enthusiasm. Massive action perfects your skills. It raises your level of knowledge and your confidence in your ability to achieve what you’ve set out to do. The problem with slow action is often our enthusiasm wanes before our skills have a chance to catch up… we experience a few false starts and missteps in those first few weeks and before we have a chance to get really good at what we’re doing, the enthusiasm is gone.

    This is why it’s said, “If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure.” You’re still going to have those false starts and missteps… but by beginning in MASSIVE action those small “failures” are compounded closer together, and your level of enthusiasm is still enough to carry you through.

  • Success Breeds Success: One of my favorite books is the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The Slight Edge principle states that every day you are either moving closer to your goal, or moving farther away. Ouch. You mean I can’t take a few days off and just pick up where I left off? I’m sorry, but no. Especially in the beginning.By compounding your actions in the early days, you compound your results. Each tiny success builds upon the one before it, until before you know it… you’ve achieved the BIG success you’re looking for. Compound Interest is a perfect example of this theory in action.

    Have you ever heard of the Penny a Day formula?

    If you take a penny a double it every day for 30 days, by day 30 you will have over 5 MILLION dollars. If you take that penny and double it every OTHER day for 30 days, you’ll only have $163. (Don’t believe me? Google it or Look Here) Ouch. Success breeds success… and success loves speed. Massive action creates momentum, which leads to more success… and this brings me to my final point:

  • Momentum Cannot Be Achieved Slowly: Imagine for a moment that you’re a passenger on an airplane, set to take off on a very short runway. To make matters even more dramatic, at the end of the runway is a great big cliff [failure]. What would you rather the pilot do? Go full throttle and use as much power as possible to quickly get the plane from the ground and into the air [success], or cruise along at a ambling pace… keeping his fingers crossed that the plane will take off before the runway ends?I don’t know about you, but I’d be screaming for full power! So why would we scream for anything different in our goals? I’ve seen this over and over and over again… people start something new and begin at an ambling pace, fingers crossed… *hoping*… they will eventually get to the success they desire.

    Network Marketing is a prime example: You have someone with a goal to create a full-time income with their business, who reaches out to 2-3 people a week and enrolls a handful of customers and 2-3 team members over the course of a year. With little excitement in the group to inspire action, and following the example of their sponsor, these new people also reach out to just a couple of people a week. And often, by the time this person enrolls a new team member or secures a new customer, one of their other team members or customers has already quit. And so the cycle continues and continues with little or no traction.

    Instead, if this same person were to take their same list of contacts and reach out to them all within a month, they create momentum. By sponsoring several people and securing a few customers in a short period of time, excitement builds. The new team members see the results, and want the same… so they reach out to all of THEIR contacts in a short period of time as well. And so begins the cycle of momentum… and the cycle of success.


The next time you set out to achieve a big goal, I challenge you to begin with MASSIVE action. Start that weight loss journey with a cleanse, to prepare your body to respond to your new diet and exercise in the best way possible. Launch your new business with a ribbon cutting, open house, or launch event. Scale your advertising to generate more sales in your first few weeks, then taper it down to a manageable number over time. Network Marketers… create a list of 200 contacts and commit to reaching out to them in your first month. LAUNCH your business. LAUNCH your goals!

Don’t forget… success LOVES speed. Success breeds success! Momentum in your goals is an awesome place to be… so use SPEED and MASSIVE ACTION to get yourself there!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

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