Step Out of Your Comfort Zone — It’s how you grow!

After returning from a Dressage clinic in Houston, my trainer spent some time last week talking to me about the 3 zones a horse has — their comfort zone, their stretch zone and their panic zone.  In order to best engage the horse in learning, as the rider it is important that we push them out of their comfort zone enough to get them to stretch, but not so much that we cause them to panic.

This got me thinking — as people, don’t we work the same way? The optimal place for personal growth is when you step out of your comfort zone and force yourself to stretch. It can be a little uncomfortable, it might worry or upset you a little, but it is essential if you want to continue to advance as an individual.

I experienced a bit of this in my own life this past week as I began working on the advertising trailer for my book. On March 4th I will be beginning a 2-month virtual book tour, during which my book will be featured on over 30 blogs, podcasts, and social media pages. One of the things I need to make this tour a success is a book trailer, and, not necessarily wanting to drop two grand to have one designed for me, I set out to create one myself; armed only with my iMovie software and my good friend Google.

You see, writing has always been within my comfort zone. It’s something I’m naturally good at. I may not be the best, but ask me to produce just about anything in print and I am fairly confident I can hold my own.

Public speaking is another thing I’m fairly comfortable with. I’ve never really had a hard time sharing my ideas with a large audience.

A few years ago though, I discovered a medium which most certainly falls into my STRETCH zone — video.

Ask me to write or share anything you want… just PLEASE don’t record it! I hate the way I look, I hate the way I sound, and I hate having to watch myself in fast-forward, rewind or, God-forbid, pause.

Well, it didn’t take much research on book trailers for me to realize, if I was really going to do this, I was going to have to stretch a little. It took a lot of hours in front of the computer, my dear husband/cameraman/crew/director, WAY too many takes and a few moments of panic, but I finally pulled together what I think is a great little book trailer than can hold its own in the publishing world.

I am back in my stretch zone again as I’m typing this… preparing to willingly share video footage of myself for the whole internet to see… but I am a little excited about it to!

So here it is… the “official” trailer for Lifetime of Achievement: 7 Goal Setting Strategies that Work.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it does its job — that is, I hope it makes you want to buy my book!

Thanks for watching, and when you’re done… you can go purchase Lifetime of Achievement on Amazon!

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