The road to success in any area of life can be a long one. Many things can happen between Point A and Point B, and you need to decide ahead of time how you will handle those difficult situations. Each one of us has a set of core values unique to us. Your core values make you who you are — they are what define you as a person, they are your inner guide to self-fulfillment. You can never be truly happy if you are doing something that contradicts your core values. Essentially, that is the same thing as contradicting yourself.

The basic rule of thumb here is to stay true to yourself and your core values no matter the circumstances. Take a moment to mentally check yourself as you make decisions along your path — ask, “Is this in line with who I really am?” If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure, then you probably should go in a different direction. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget who you are, but the consequences can be devastating.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we aren’t good enough. That we need to change in order to get where we want to go. It’s important to remember though that God create each of us, you and me, with a unique purpose. He created us fully equipped to accomplish the things He has planned for us. There is NO ONE better equipped to fulfill your purpose than you are.

If you can learn to master this skill of checking yourself, of staying true to who you are, then you can go anywhere in life with a clean conscience and peace of mind.

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