Social Network Marketing – 3 Social Media Tips to Help You Build Your Business Like a Pro

In this article I share my best practices for how you can use Social Media to grow your business like a pro! The technology at our fingertips makes building a business easier than ever… iF we know how to use it! While there are many, many facets to growing your business using social media, today I’m going to break down the basic pieces you absolutely MUST have in place if you want to grow your network, generate more sales and enroll more people on your team through a social network marketing business!

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To help you get the most out of this article, I’ve created a free PDF download where I share my personal Social Media Posting Strategy. In this free resource I break down the psychology behind my own social media posts each week and share exactly what kind and how much content you should be posting if you want to attract more leads, sales and team members into your business. To access your free copy click here.

If you’ve ever struggled with what you should be posting on social media to attract more leads, generate more sales and grow your team faster… if you’ve ever wondered how often you should be posting and how to structure promotional posts on your social media channels, this free resource will help you! 

Social Network Marketing | Respect the Platform

Every social media platform has its own unique voice and purpose: Linked In is professional: like a virtual resume! Instagram is visual: it’s all about curating beautiful imagery that captures the essence of your brand. Facebook is very social: it’s where people go to be educated, entertained and informed while keeping up with their family and friends. Google + is… well, let’s be honest. I’m not sure anyone is super clear on what Google + is really for!

Social Network Marketing with Facebook 

For the purposes of this article and to keep things super simple, I’m going to focus on how to build a social network marketing business using Facebook. The social media posting strategy I created to go with this article is specific to Facebook as well, and you can download it to learn exactly what you should be be posting, how much and how often you should be posting on Facebook.

Social Network Marketing | Your Personal Facebook Profile:

Even more important than the content you are posting on Facebook is your personal Facebook profile. 

Unless you’re planning on running ads, I recommend you use your Facebook profile to build your business. Facebook pages are great (I use mine all the time!) but they are also “pay to play” — meaning if you aren’t running ads, you’ll get very little reach or engagement from the content you publish on your page. 

There are 3 key pieces you should have in place in your personal Facebook profile if you want to use it to build a social network marketing business: 

  1. Your Profile Picture: Make sure you can see YOUR beautiful face in your profile picture! Your profile photo doesn’t have to be a stuffy headshot, but your face needs to be distinguishable! Avoid large group photos where someone might have a difficult time figuring out which person is you! Remember, this is YOUR profile… YOUR social network marketing business! Use it to brand yourself! This is an INCREDIBLY important step and one you should absolutely follow if you want to use Facebook to build your business.
  2. Your About Section: Make sure this section is filled out properly! Be authentic and real! Don’t include the name of your primary company as your occupation. Instead, use something like “Health and Wellness Consultant” or “Weight Loss Coach” or something more generic. **Rule of Thumb** If someone can spend 30 seconds on your profile and immediately know what primary company you’re in, that’s not a good thing! (For more details on WHY this is important listen to the entire podcast episode here).
  3. Privacy Settings: Make sure your profile is set up so that people can send you friend requests, messages and “follow” you. This is so, so important and vital to your success if you want to use Facebook to grow a social network marketing business, make connections and generate more sales/enrollments for your team! 


Social Network Marketing | Prime Time vs Infomercial

If you want to grow a social network marketing business using Facebook, you need to start looking at your Facebook profile as a television network. My question to you is: are you showing prime time television or infomercials? 

Prime Time Television:

  • Everyone wants to watch it (and even records it so they don’t miss an episode!) 
  • Educates, Entertains, Inspires or Informs (think about your favorite shows and how they fit this description!) 


  • Sell, Sell, Sell… Pitch, Pitch Pitch! 
  • Come on at 3am (when was the last time you DVRd an informercial?) 

To build a profitable social network marketing business using Facebook you absolutely MUST be a prime time provider, and not an infomercial!

The first step is to use the tips outlined in my social media posting strategy so you can learn what to post. 

  • 80% value, 20% promotion
  • Educate, Inspire, Entertain
  • Lifestyle! 
  • “Be the person whose posts people WANT to see on their newsfeed!”

For specific posting tips download my free Social Media Posting Strategy.

The next step is to learn what NOT to post, like: 

  • Anything negative or argumentative (leave your dirty laundry at home!) 
  • Hateful comments that are demeaning or defensive to others
  • Complaining (poor me… if only… you won’t believe ______… etc) 

I go into this topic in a lot of detail in this weeks Podcast episode! Just scroll back up to the top of this article to listen, or search Freedom Factor on iTunes! 

Social Network Marketing | Let’s Dive Deeper Into Live Video

Each week I choose one of the network marketing tips from my podcast I know you will really benefit from and dive deeper into it with a Facebook Live video.

Live episodes air every Wednesday at 10am EST in our private Facebook Community (it’s Free).

If you aren’t able to make it live you can catch this week’s episode along with all prior recordings under the Videos tab in the Facebook Community.

This Week’s Freedom Factor Live Episode is: How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

(Yes, I’m doing a Facbeook Live training on How to Use Facebook Live. haha!) 

One of THE best post types you can use in your social media to increase engagement and really connect with your fans is live video. Facebook has made this incredibly simple through Facebook Live, but I’ve found there are a TON of people who are still super intimidated by this feature!

Believe me… I get it. I’ve been there too! But Facebook Live doesn’t have to be scary… and in fact it can be THE most effective social media tool available for helping you really amp up your business results in you know how to use it!

Each week I take a segment from the Freedom Factor podcast and break down even further for you in a Facebook Live video to give you even MORE value.

This week I’ll be using Facebook Live to share the perfect Facebook Live formula for generating results — including what you should ALWAYs include in your Facebook Live videos, what you should NEVER include in your videos, and best practices for when and how long your videos should be and how to NEVER run out of ideas for what to talk about!


Social Network Marketing the Right Way

Social media can be one of the most powerful tools in your business-building toolkit for growing your network, making genuine connections and growing your business faster than ever… IF you know how to do it the right way! I’ll admit… for a long time I did social media the WRONG way, and for a long time I wondered why I was getting so little engagement, and even fewer sales and enrollments from my social media efforts.

When I learned the right way to build my business on social media, my results skyrocketed… and I believe yours will, too! It all starts with what kind of content you posts to position yourself as a professional. Creating content that excites your audience and piques their curiosity, making them want to know more about YOU and YOUR business! I want to share my exact social media posting strategy with you so you can avoid the mistakes I made and create success faster… so be sure to go download that free guide here.

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