How to Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Achieve | Part 6

When learning how to set New Years Goals there are 3 major components to incorporate: Plan. Do. Review. We covered the first two in the preceding posts of this series; learning how to clarify exactly what you want, how to adjust your philosophy to be able to achieve any goal you set, how to create well-rounded goals with clear action planshow to overcome the obstacles you’ll likely encounter as you work towards those goals and what material you can study to up your mental game and increase your ability to succeed.

Just like in sports, when we go through life with purpose we make our plans, take actions on those plans then review and adjust accordingly. Teams review their plan of action after every drive, during each time out and after every big game. Often the team who wins the game is the one who was able to make the proper halftime adjustments and execute those adjustments in remaining two quarters of play. And how often have you seen a team fail miserably one season, and become serious play off contenders the next? All thanks to those off-season adjustments.

Yes… review is equally important as plan and do. As one of my mentors, Darren Hardy put it, “Direction is more important than speed. (It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if you’re headed off a cliff).”

You may remember in the third post of this series on how to set New Years Goals we talked about breaking your 12-month goals into manageable 90-Day pieces. There are several reasons for this… working in 90-segments increases your focus, provides a great sense of urgency, and… provides 3 opportunities for an in-depth review throughout the year.

So as you move into the next 12 months — armed with your goals and plan of action, I’d like to invite you to take time throughout the process to review your progress. And here is exactly how you can do that:

  1. Daily: Journalling is often laughed off by those who haven’t developed the habit. However you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who does journal who won’t tell you how important the habit has become to their success. At the end of each day take 2-3 minutes to ask yourself these two questions, and write the answers in your journal: What did I do really well today? What can I do differently to make tomorrow even better?
  2. Weekly: At the end of each week (I recommend Sunday evenings) take about 30 minutes to record the following in your journal:
    1. Wins: write down your 3 biggest wins of the week (things that moved you closer to your goals)
    2. Losses: write down your 3 biggest losses of the week (things that kept you stagnant or even moved you further away from your goals)
    3. Fixes: write down 3 ways you can improve over the next week to experience bigger wins and smaller losses
    4. Ah-Has: write down 3 big “ah-ha” moments you experienced over the past week.
    5. Answer the following question: What am I most grateful for this week?
  3. Monthly: At the end of each month, take 30-45 minutes to record the following in your journal:
    1. Behaviors/Actions you were most consistent with and the positive difference those actions/behaviors had on your results
    2. Behaviors/Actions you were least consistent with, the negative difference those actions/behaviors had on your results and the fixes you will install to ensure this doesn’t happen next month.
    3. Your 3 biggest wins, 3 biggest losses, 3 ways you can improve and 3 ah-ha moments you experienced over the past month
    4. Three things you are most grateful for over the past month
    5. Three greatest lessons you learned over the past month
  4. Quarterly: At the end of each quarter, review where you stand on your progress toward the achievement of each 12-month goal and create your next 90-day focus goal in each area for the upcoming quarter.

By implementing this 4-step review strategy into your plan for how to achieve new years goals you will be on step closer to real success over the next 12 months!

If you got value from this exercise feel free to share it with those you know who may benefit from it as well!

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