Proven Tip to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Life is busy these days. With so many things vying for our daily attention, I’d love to give you this proven tip to help you increase your productivity: This is even more important for those of you who are entrepreneurs, or who work from home without a set schedule. How do we prioritize and get more stuff done?

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve become a bit religious when it comes to my Google Calendar. How on earth did I survive so many years without this magical tool? I can color-code my tasks based on category (I love to pick one color for INCOME producing business activities, and another for “busy work”… both are important, but if there isn’t enough GREEN on my calendar each week, it’s an instant reality check), set up recurring events that I plan to make part of my daily or weekly routine (like my MORNING routine every morning), and invite friends, family, team members, prospects [read: anyone :)] to an event with a scheduled reminder that will arrive right in their Inbox.

I love Google Calendar!

That being said, this tool is NOT my proven tip to help you increase your productivity… although it will definitely help with that when you create the habit of using it to schedule your time each day!

My Proven Tip to Help You Increase Your Productivity is this:

Time Blocking. 

Each week you’ll find you have 2-3 things that will make up the most of your PRODUCTIVITY for the week (you can read more on this here). 20% of our activities make up 80% of our results… while the remaining 80% of our activities, while important, are not always imperative. If you’ve ever arrived at the end of the week completely exhausted from all the busyness… and yet STILL find yourself asking, “But what did I actually DO this week??” then you know what I mean 🙂

Time blocking is our solution to this all-to-common problem. Let me explain:

Part 1:

Time blocking begins when you identify your Top 3 MOST important (critical) activities, and arrange your schedule to spend 3 hours of focused activity on those activities. No phone calls, no email, no distractions. 3 hours of focused, intentional WORK.

It sounds so simple, most people won’t do it, but trust me… you will be AMAZED what 3 hours of focused activity will do for your most critical tasks.

I love to schedule this time for Monday mornings from 8:30-11:30. I call it my Strategic Block for the week… starting the week off strong with 3 hours of focused activity on the tasks that will create 80% of my results. This one part alone will go a long way in helping you increase your productivity. I dare you to try it next week 🙂

Part 2:

This part speaks more to your DAILY routine, rather than your weekly routine. I have some tasks that can be completed in one big sitting… while others require daily focused action. I’m sure you have things in your schedule like this too… if you’re in network marketing, for example, these would be activities such as inviting new prospects to look at your business, conducting 3-way calls or presentations, and making follow-up calls.

I’m a network marketer too, so I KNOW how important DAILY action in these 3 tasks is to my business. When my business stops growing, it’s almost always because I have fallen out of the habit of daily activity in these 3 core actions.

To keep that from happening, I schedule a minimum of 1 hour each day, 5 days per week, dedicated solely to prospecting and follow-ups. 3-Way calls and presentations are a little more difficult to squeeze into this hour… because your dealing with another person’s schedule, but you’ll want to make sure you still schedule these on your calendar as needed.

By blocking off 1 hour every day to prospecting and follow-up I ensure that I ALWAYS invite a minimum of 2 people a day to look at my business, and follow-up with those who’ve already taken a look in a timely manner. And by blocking off an hour a day in your schedule for these actions, you can do the same thing!

I hope this tip on time blocking will help you increase your productivity AND consistency in your business. I predict anyone who spends an hour of focused activity on income producing activities each day will not recognize their business 6 months from now. You can quote me on that and come back to me later if it’s not true!

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