My Personal Business Tools 

What Resources and Tools do I personally use in my Network Marketing Business and my Personal Brand?

I get asked this question all the time, so I’ve put together this page to make the answer simple. You won’t see a single thing on this page that I don’t use for myself and recommend to my team. 

I’ve tested a LOT of programs over the years, and these are the ones I’ve found to be the best of the best. These are my tools that I personally use right now in my business! 

Please note: Some of these tools below have my affiliate link attached and I may earn a small commission, no extra charge to you, of course! However, that’s not why they’re on this page… they are here because I personally use them daily to build my business and/or my personal brand. Curious to know if a certain tool or program is the right fit for you? A great question to ask yourself is, “Will this help me get closer to my goals?”  

My Home Business ‘Must Haves’:

Mindset Hacks of Top Earners – It’s FREE and this Video Mini-Course will show you the 5 Strategies You Need to Learn to Enroll More People, Build a Bigger Team and Create a Lifestyle of Freedom, fast. Building a business takes skillset, but it also takes mindset. There’s a reason the top network marketers are at the top, and it’s not because they know some “secret” skill you don’t know! Get this free mini-course to learn the mindset hacks virtually every top earner uses, and to see how you can begin using them for yourself! Click Here to Learn More.



Book of the Month Club – Someone once told me, “Your network marketing business will only grow as fast as you do.” I’ve found that to be true for myself, and have always taught the importance of a personal and professional development plan to my team. Each month in this club we select a book to read together, provide weekly reading plans and discussion in our private Facebook group for collaboration and accountability, and at the end of each book we come together for a special webinar to review what we learned and discuss how we’ll apply the material in our life and business! Click Here to Learn More



Freedom University – Everything you’ll find inside this program is an exact replica of the training and support I provide for my personal team inside my primary company. If you’re currently working a network marketing business and are looking for proven, affordable coaching, this is the program for you. I literally cannot even list out all the features in this little paragraph, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any coaching program with this much value at this price. It’s also the only way you can get access to my custom marketing and lead generation system. Click Here to Learn More



Secrets from Growing Up MLM — I wrote this eBook to share some valuable lessons I’ve learned over the course of my time in the network marketing industry. My Mom built a successful network marketing business while I was in high school… a decision that went on to alter the entire course of my life and led me to begin my own network marketing career when I was 18. There’s a lot of things I wish I’d known in the beginning that would have helped me build my business faster, and I share some of those things with you in this book. Click Here to Learn More

Tools to Keep Me Organized and Happy:

Google Calendar – This is a FREE tool that I use both personally and in business every single day. I love how I can color coordinate my time blocks, share calendars with other family members and my team members, create events and appointments and immediately email invites out to the other people who are involved in the appointment. This tool keeps my busy life running seamlessly. I couldn’t live without it! Click Here to Learn More


Nozbe – This is the most powerful to-do list app I’ve ever used! Again, this is something I use both personally and in business every single day! You can separate tasks based on projects, set up recurring items, due dates, and even share specific projects with others and delegate tasks. It synchs with my google calendar and also has an app so I can access it from my phone when I’m on the go! Nozbe keeps me focused on what tasks are most important each day. Click Here to Learn More


Toggl — Where does all the time go?? With Toggl you never have to ask that question ever again! Toggl is a timer app and I love it because it keeps me honest about where I’m spending my time in my business. When you’re working to balance time spent in income producing activities, working with your team and building your personal brand it’s important to know how much time you’re spending in each area! I even use it to track the time I spend in personal and professional development each week. Click Here to Learn More



CinchShare — I use this program to schedule social media posts for all kinds of things: my personal and business facebook pages, groups for my team and for members of my paid programs, virtual events I host inside my primary company and so much more! It’s a great tool to help you remain consistent in your social media posting, and although that is only a small part of your overall business plan, it’s an important piece! I’ve tried MANY social media sharing programs over the years and this one is by far my favorite! It’s so simple to use and they are ALWAYS coming out with new features! Click Here to Learn More.

Email Marketing and Contact Management:

My Personal Marketing and Contact Management System
Up until recently, this custom marketing system has only been available to people on my team inside my primary company. However, recently we’ve opened it up and are proud to be offering it to anyone inside our Freedom University program! The reason we do this is because we’ve found it just doesn’t do the system any justice if people haven’t been trained on how to make it work best for them. It’s incredibly simple to use, but there are SO many features and customization options, we like to be there to help you every step of the way. 


Aweber – This is the interenet’s most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. This is the tool I use to build my email list and send out messages to the members of my paid programs. If you’re building a personal brand for your business online, you will need this tool in your toolbox! Click Here to Learn More!


Personal Branding:

Ultimate Branding Blueprint – I love this course from Tanya Aliza, and this is the program I used to learn how to create my blog. It is a step-by-step series that walks you through setting up your blog properly for profits. She teaches you how to set up your Brand, how to market to your Right Audience and she walks you through a Complete WordPress Setup and how to monetize and build your sales funnels. Click Here to Learn More!




Canva – This is by far my favorite website for creating professional images and logos in just a few minutes, no technical skills required! They have tons of amazing templates and layouts, or you can start from scratch! Virtually all of the images you see throughout my blog were created with this program, and the best part is… it’s free! Click Here to Learn More!