Networking + Marketing Series for Network Marketers; Amateurs vs Professionals

I let you off the hook yesterday with this one little-known fact:Your business success or failure is in no way dependent on the responses of the 15-30 people on your initial list. Whether every single one of them becomes a customer or consultant OR if not a single one buys a single thing from you, it doesn’t matter.

For most network marketers, this is a huge sigh of relief. Because although some people come into this business with a large and influential network from day one, but that is not the majority. Most (I’d venture to say 99%) of the people who’ve gone on to create 6- and 7- figure incomes as network marketers do so by learning one key skill: how to consistently grow their network of influence, thus giving them a broader audience to whom they can market their product, service or opportunity.

The good news here is that if the majority of successful networker marketers entered the game with a small network, but LEARNED the networking skills required to grow a successful organization, you can do the same.

And if this is true (which it is), it means your business success or failure is dependent only on your own ability and willingness to consistently grow and market to your network over the first 3-5 years of your business. 

And that is something any of us can learn! So let’s dive in…

If you’ve ever joined a network marketing company, chances are one of the first things you were trained to do was “make your list”. I totally agree with this step… and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post it’s the first thing I do when launching something new, and the first thing I teach my team to do as well. But here’s the thing… successful networkers are in the habit of consistently adding 2-5 names to their list every day… indefinitely.

Exactly how many names you commit to adding to your list each day depends on the amount of time you commit to your business, and how quickly you want to grow. If you’re focused on creating a full-time income with your business, I want to challenge you to commit to adding 5 new names to your list, 5 days a week.

Do this consistently and at the end of 1 month you’ll have expanding your network by 100 people.
Do this consistently for a year and you’ll have expanded your network by 1200.

Do you think, if you were to meet 1200 new people over the course of the next year, that might affect the number of new consultants and customers you could add to your business?

Of course it would!

Now for some this may seem self-explanatory, but one of the most frequently asked questions I get when laying out these numbers is

What do you mean by “adding 5 new names to my list each day”? 

To be clear, adding names to your list daily and inviting people to take a look at your product or opportunity each day are NOT the same thing! Both play an important role in the growth of your business, and both should be included in your daily method of operation if you are looking to grow.

Inviting happens when you approach a person who’s already on your list and ask them to take a look at what you’re doing.

Meeting happens when you meet a new person who’s name you add to your list with plans to reach out to at a later time. 

Does this make sense? I hope so… because it’s an incredibly important distinction to make!

Amateurs focus ONLY on inviting. Professionals understand that growing their list by consistently meeting new people sets the bar for long-term success.

Occasionally you will meet someone and immediately visit with them about your product or opportunity. This happens when you market more directly, such as by running paid advertising or hosting a booth at a expo or trade show. More often though, meeting people happens more passively, not with the intention of building your business, but simply with the intention of meeting someone new, and making a new friend.

Professional networkers understand that business is all about relationships. They see the value in taking time each day to meet new people and engage in conversations with no agenda other than to grow their network. This is where amateur marketers make the “big mistake” — they meet someone new, and immediately go in for the kill by pitching their product or service, usually by word vomiting all over the person they just met. It’s this practice that gives network marketers a bad name… and if we are going to elevate our profession from amateur status to a new level of professionalism, it’s a practice that absolutely has to stop.

I mentioned yesterday that I’d 10x rather do business with a friend than with a stranger. This is normal. MOST people feel this way. So if you want to do business with more people, set out with the agenda of simply making more friends.

Now that you know the difference between amateurs and professionals, and understand that professionals make it a consistent practice to meet new people every day, you’re ready to learn exactly how that’s done. Over the next couple of days I’m going to give you some specific strategies for meeting new people, both online + offline.

Today, I want you to think about your goals: What do you REALLY want out of your network marketing business? Use that goal to determine your commitment of how many people you’ll commit to meeting each day. 

Now before I leave you completely freaked out and wondering how on earth you can meet these new people, let me make something perfectly clear:

This is not hard to do. People are everywhere, and when you approach each day with the intention of making a few new friends, you’ll be amazed at how easily this can happen. So for now, I’m going to ask you to take my word on it… make that commitment to meet 2-5 new people, 5 days a week. Let go of the “how” and focus on the “what”… trusting that the how will make itself clear as we continue in this series, and that as it becomes clear, you’ll recognize how easy [and fun] it really can be!

Once you’ve made your commitment, feel free to sound off in the comments below. And if you are excited to find out all the easy ways to meet new people both online AND offline, be sure to share this post with others who could benefit from this information as well. Tomorrow we’re going to dive in to OFFLINE strategies for meeting people, then we’ll continue on the next day into some incredibly simple online strategies as well.

Stay tuned!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

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