Networking + Marketing Series for Network Marketers; The Worst That Could Happen

In yesterday’s post I outlined 5 ways to grow your network offline. Before we jump into the online methods for growing your network, I want to spend a few minutes helping you through some of the obstacles you may encounter as you work to build this new skill.

The human body is an incredible thing. The various parts work in complete synchronization, mostly at a subconscious level. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember ever having to consciously tell my heart to continue beating, my optic nerves to continue transmitting information to my brain, or my liver to continue performing any of the 500 functions it is responsible for. Our bodies are all about homeostasis… or keeping things stable, constant, and status quo. For this reason our comfort zone is not just a mindset, but a biological imprint meant to keep us healthy and safe.

When it comes to the functions of our bodies, homeostasis is a good thing. When it comes to expanding our comfort zone in terms of business and personal growth, it is something we must consciously work to overcome in order to maximize our full potential. In order to grow we must constantly be challenging the size and scope of our comfort zone, consciously working to expand it so that the things that once scared us become comfortable. Thankfully, awareness is more than half the battle. All our lives we train ourselves to respond negatively to fear — if something is legitimately scary, we avoid it at all costs. Success in your business comes when you embrace this fear and push past your current level of comfort to create a new normal.

If you’ve ever heard my network marketing story you’ll remember how incredibly shy I was when I got into this business. Truth be told, I’m still shy… but over the years I have learned to expand my comfort zone and embrace many of the practices that used to scare me half to death.

I can’t tell you the number of times I set out to run errands with the intention of meeting new people, only to come home without having spoken to a single person. Or the number of times I sat in the parking lot at a networking event, reminding my usually-perfectly-performing lungs to continue to breath, only to chicken out and drive home without going inside. Or the number of times I stared at a stack of business cards, unable to dial the phone number and make that connection.

If anyone gets how scary it can be to implement and embrace new practices in your business, believe me… I get it. It can be downright terrifying. But here’s the thing… in order to grow we must be willing to forsake our current comfort for the greater good, the greater growth, of our business. The sooner you recognize and embrace this fact, the faster you will begin to see the traction you’ve been missing.

When it comes to fear in business, my recommendation is to do it anyway. Your success depends on it.

One of the best ways to actually put this into practice is this:

The next time you get ready to do something that scares you and the thought of chickening out enters your mind, stop. Take a time-out and ask yourself this question: If I do _________ what’s the worst that could happen? Then, allow your mind to run right to the absolute worst case scenario. Those of us who already travel through life with mild forms of anxiety will eat this up… our brains LOVE worst case scenarios! But here’s what I predict you will find…

When it comes to business, the worst case scenario is rarely proportionate to the level of fear you are feeling.

Let me give you an example:

You’re getting ready to walk into a trade show where you intend to make your way through the booths, meet the vendors and collect business cards for follow-up, but there’s one problem: You cannot make yourself get out of the car. Your palms are sweaty, your breath is shallow, your heart is racing. You’re terrified.

Now stop. If you get out of the car, walk through that door and talk to every vendor in the building… what’s the worst that could happen?

Your brain is going to want to generalize your fear, but the purpose of this exercise is to get as specific as possible. When your thoughts start to run away with themselves so them down… force yourself to slowly and systematically think through the worst case scenario in as much detail as possible.

Truth be told… the worst case scenario in this situation is just really not that bad. Maybe you walk out of that room without a single lead. Maybe you stumble over your words a few times and look like a dork to a few people. Maybe someone is rude and dismissive to you. Maybe you could actually get through ANY of those scenarios, and live to tell about it!

Once you’ve taken the time to really absorb this reality… in all the clarity and specificity you can muster… turn the tables. Embrace all the emotions that come with the worst that could happen, then flip the switch and ask yourself another question: If I do ______________ what’s the BEST that could happen?

Again, slow down your thoughts and really think this through. You could walk away with a hundred new business cards that could lead to an endless supply of customers, consultants and referrals. The next million dollar earner in your company could be in that room… and if you go talk to them, they could be on your team. Getting out of this car and walking into that building could be the catalyst that forever changes the way your business (and your life) looks, simply from one conversation.

Now let’s compare: How does the best that could happen hold up against the worst that could happen? Is it worth it?

I’ll let you decide.

You might even realize the REAL worst case scenario would be driving away without walking into that building at all.

This principle works not only in business, but in any area of life where you’re choosing to challenge the status quo and expand your comfort zone. It’s the magic bullet for defeating fear, and fear is the great stealer of dreams.

As you work to grow in life and business you will inevitably face situations that scare you. If you can’t embrace that fear, simply diffuse it by forcing yourself to get real honest about the worst that could happen. I promise, it won’t be that bad!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

PS: Another great way to overcome fear is by having a clear vision of the life you want that’s compelling enough to overcome your current level of comfort. Click Here to get a FREE Workbook to help you clarify exactly what you want and use that clarity to overcome any obstacle you face in life and business.

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