Network Marketing Training — How to Power Through Distractions and Start Saying YES To Your Business

In this article I share some network marketing training and two powerful strategies that are ESSENTIAL to your network marketing success. These two network marketing strategies will help you power through any daily distraction that may come your way and try to derail your business and keep you from reaching your network marketing goals.

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I’ve put together a Master Distraction Cheatsheet where I share my best tips and resources to help you say NO to distractions and get more done in less time. Everything on this cheatsheet is something I use in my business on a weekly basis to help me prioritize and complete the right actions to move my business forward and reach my goals.

Not only will these tips help you be more efficient and productive, but they will also help you gain the support from your family and the other people in your life so you can work toward your goals together rather than feeling like your goals are in competition with the other important people or commitments in your life.You can access it by clicking on the image above or just click here.

Network Marketing Training | We All Have the Same Amount of Time

To kick off today’s network marketing training, let’s talk about what you’re REALLY saying ‘no’ to when you allow distractions and busyness to keep you from working your network marketing business.

And don’t forget, you can get even more resources for increasing productivity in the free download here.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. 168 hours in a week, 8760 hours in a year. So why then do some people seem to be so incredibly productive, get things done and routinely reach bigger and bigger goals while others seem to flounder about and not make any progress at all?

I get it. Life is busy. And most of us started out network marketing businesses as a side gig — something else we added on to our already-full plate.

Our business is something extra. We didn’t have any free time before we started, so we sure don’t have any free time now. Between the daily commitments of your J-O-B… your family, your kids, your friends… extra-curricular activities, functions and events, church, school, the gym, and committing the time to maintain a healthy diet and get enough hours of sleep you are strapped for time.

And yet, isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? To have more? More freedom? More TIME freedom?

I don’t know if that’s true for you, but it’s true for most people. Ironic, isn’t it, that our solution to getting more free time is to add one more commitment to our already-overfilled dance card.

And that right there hits the nail on the head: Our schedules are already full. And so, in our mind, it just makes sense to put that extra side gig we just started on the back burner and fit it in “when we have time.”

But let me tell you a secret: If you commit to working your business “when you have time”, you will NEVER have time freedom. It will never pay you enough to create true financial freedom, allow you to walk away from that job you hate, travel to those places you love and live life on your terms.

That’s the reality, and you need to be aware of that if you want to succeed.

Network Marketing Training | What You’re Really Saying ‘No’ To:

When you say ‘no’ to making new contacts, reaching out to people about your business of following up with those in your pipeline you are not saying NO to those things. Not really.

You’re saying no to your dreams. You’re saying no to the lifestyle you want to live… to the LIFE you want to create. You’re saying NO to all the reasons why you said YES to your business in the first place.

I could spend a solid hour sharing my top productivity hacks, favorite scheduling apps and time saving strategies. But the reality is I’ve found there are only two things that will keep you saying YES to your business consistently enough, persistently enough and with enough courage and passion to ever create true freedom.

So instead of taking up space in this article sharing those productivity hacks you’ll never use, I’ve put them together for you in this free Master Distractions Cheatsheet for you to download.

And I’m going to spend our time in this article sharing the two network marketing training strategies that will help you get the most of out those tips.

I’m doing this because I believe once you understand these two components, you’ll be able to effectively use any and every productivity tip you learn 10x more effectively.

Create and maintain these two things and you will never question why you are here and where you are going. You are virtually guaranteed to reach any level of results you desire inside your business.

Fail to have these two things and you will never, ever achieve the results you desire.

Network Marketing Training | It Starts with Vision

Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you didn’t make time for something that was TRULY important to you?

Have you ever failed to go into work or skipped picking your kids up from school because you were just too busy?

Ghandi once said — our actions express our priorities. It is what we DO… not what we want to do, or what we wish we could do, or what we say we are going to do that tells us and everyone around us what’s important in our life. We make our choices, but in the end, our choices make us. And the road to broken dreams is paved with good intentions.

The reality is, we ALWAYS make time for the things we view as most important. So the answer to this equation is to make your business one of those most important things. And the way we do that is through Vision.

Vision is a crystal clear picture of where you are going, combined with the unshakeable belief that you will get there.

It’s the combination of the two — the clear picture AND the belief that gives your vision power.

Vision is the starting point of all success, and without it your business is lost. Without vision your business will forever take the back burner to the 100 other distractions vying for your attention each day.  

But with Vision you can become unstoppable.

Because the reality is, you’re not saying no to your business because you don’t have enough time or you’re too busy. You’re saying no to your business because you don’t believe the actions or inactions you do today are really that important. You don’t believe your actions or inactions have a major impact on your overall happiness, health and wealth. You don’t know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your actions or inactions have a direct and profound effect on your future, so you dismiss them in exchange for other, more important things.


Network Marketing Training | How Much Do You REALLY Believe It?

I don’t have kids yet, but I do know one thing for sure: No parent in their right mind would ever leave their kid in the pick-up line at the end of the school day because they just didn’t have time to go pick them up.

No parent would get that phone call from the school and respond by saying, “You know, I’m just going to wait and pick him up tomorrow. Thank’s though!”

No matter how you FEEL, you would never choose NOT to act by either picking your child up yourself or making arrangements for them to be picked up by someone you know and trust. Because your actions aren’t governed by how you feel in that moment… they are governed by what you believe — that it is vitally important that your child make it home from school safely.

You must work to cultivate this same level of belief in your business if you ever wish to generate the results you desire!

You must develop a belief that’s SO strong, it overrides any temporary feelings or emotions you may have in the moment and compels you to act anyway. And you do that through vision.

Remember vision is simply a crystal clear picture of where you’re going, combined with the unshakeable belief that you will get there.

Network Marketing Training | Crafting Your Vision

To begin this segment of our network marketing training, I want you to take a few minutes this week to craft your personal vision.

What do you want out of life? What do you REALLY want?

In this exercise you’re not allowed to get stuck on the HOW TOs of this dream life. You’re not allowed to ask IF something is possible, but instead I want you to assume you can acquire and maintain all the resources and skills you may need to make this dream life a reality.

When writing out your personal vision I want you to take a few moments to imagine what a perfect 10 would look like in every major area of your life — your health, wealth, relationships, physical environment, spiritual life, recreation and anything else that’s important to you.

Write in present tense and with as much detail as possible!

Then, when you’re done crafting this perfect personal vision, it’s time to craft your business vision. What most people discover through this process is that their BUSINESS success is a requirement if they want to fulfill everything they wrote into their personal vision. This becomes the emotional connection you need in order to connect the dots…

To make the connection between the actions you take each day in your business and the lifestyle those actions will ultimately create!

A business vision by itself is usually not compelling enough to keep you in daily, massive, consistent action in your business. A new car or a fancy house or even an exotic vacation is not enough.

It takes the WHOLE picture — a clear picture of the LIFE those actions are creating, step by step, to compel you to act.

When crafting your business vision I want you to think about what title and income you need inside your current company in order to make the facets of your personal vision a reality. I want you to think about who will be a part of your team — not a specific person, but the TYPE of people you will need to partner with in order to make it real. Think about your habits that will bring about the achievements that make your personal vision possible.

This is one of the most powerful network marketing training exercises you will EVER do, so to give you some extra help I’ve included an entire lesson on vision inside my Mindset Hacks of Top Earners Mini Course. This course is available for free at, and covers 5 strategies you need to learn in order to enroll more people, build a bigger team and create a lifestyle of freedom… fast.

[Spoiler Alert: The first mindset hack ALL top earners share is vision. In the mini course I not only go more in depth into what vision really is and why it’s so important, but I also provide you with a 10-page worksheet you can use to craft your personal and business vision.]

Network Marketing Training | Creating Clear Goals

If your vision is the destination, your goals are the road map to help you get there. I can look at pictures of the most beautiful destinations across the globe, and yet if I don’t have a clear map showing me how to get there, and then actually take action in beginning my journey, I am no closer to reaching my destination.

Your Vision and Goals work in tandem with one another — after all, what good is a map if you don’t know where you’re going? (which is your vision) and what good is a destination if you don’t know how to get there or what resources you’ll need along the way?

To begin setting clear goals for your business you must first start with getting very clear on WHERE YOU ARE, and on WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

From there, you want to set both long term and short term goals to help you fill the gap.

I think there’s a lot of value in creating goals that are 2-5 years out, but I’ve also found most people struggle to set goals with that big of a deadline, especially when they’re just starting out. After all, a LOT can happen in just a few years!

My recommendation to you is to start with where you want to be 12 months from now, 6 months from now, and 90 days from now

Your 90-Day goal should feed your 6 month goal, which should feed your 12 month goal.

And the easiest way to do this as a network marketer is to think in terms of title and income.

What title and income do you wish to be at in 1 year, in 6 months and in 90 days?

If you need some help on this simply google your company’s income disclosure statement. It will tell you the average income at each title within your company, so you have a clear picture of what to expect.

Network Marketing Tips | Let’s Dive Deeper Into Goal Setting

Each week I choose one of the network marketing tips from my podcast I know you will really benefit from and dive deeper into it with a Facebook Live video.

Live episodes air every Thursday at 10am EST on my Facebook Page.

If you aren’t able to make it live you can catch this week’s episode along with all prior recordings under the Videos tab on my Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

This Week’s Freedom Factor Live Episode is: How to Create Your 90-Day Goals + Action Plan for Success

In this episode I share my best network marketing training for creating achievable 90-Day Goals for Your Business and making an action plan for that goal that makes your success inevitable. Not only will I help you create your goals for the next 90 Days, but I’ll also help you determine exactly what actions you should be taking to reach them, and give you a specific formula you can use to calculate how to achieve any title or income goal for your network marketing business.

This is a network marketing training video you don’t want to miss!

Network Marketing Training | Make Your Goals S-M-A-R-R-T

Now, what do I mean by s-m-a-r-r-t? Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, relevant AND timebound!

In this week’s Freedom Factor Podcast episode I share the 6-components of any good goal, and show you exactly how to create an achievable goal using the S-M-A-R-R-T acronym!  

Use this acronym to set your goals, then use the productivity hacks and strategies in the Master Distractions Cheatsheet to help you get more done in less time so you can reach your goals even faster! You can download your free cheatsheet here.

Network Marketing Training | So There You Have It —

Some of My Best Network Marketing Training Strategies to Ensure You Are Able to Power Through Distractions and Start Saying YES to Your Business!

Your vision and goals work closely together to help you acquire whatever results you desire in your business. They are the only two components powerful enough to help you say NO to distractions and say YES to your business consistently, and with enough massive, persistent action.

When you face obstacles on your journey, or find yourself stuck, discouraged or just plain BUSY, your vision and your goals will be the difference between giving up and pushing through. This is true because we do not act based on what we feel… we act based on what we KNOW. What we BELIEVE.

You’re never going to FEEL like working your business every day. You’re never going to “find the time” to work your business every week. Life is never going to slow down. Your to-do list is never going away.

There will always be reasonable distractions to help you rationalize NOT taking action on your business.

Therefore, the only solution is to put the pieces in place to make your business SO important, so VITAL to your success and happiness that you treat it like your kid in the pick-up line. Like the kid you would NEVER leave at school until tomorrow because you don’t feel like driving across town that day, or because something more urgent came up. Like the kid whom you would pick up, come hell or high water, no. matter. what.

And it’s your vision and your goals that make that possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong… there are some productivity, time-saving strategies that can support your actions and make it easier for you to get everything done. But without vision and clear goals they won’t help you.

Now that you DO recognize the value in creating your vision and setting goals though, and now that I’ve shared with you how to access the resources to help you follow through with those activities, some time saving tips and productivity resources sure won’t hurt.

You can get my BEST productivity hacks and tips to support you in your business in the Master Distractions Cheatsheet here.

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