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I’ve got some network marketing tips for you today straight from the mouth of one of my favorite mentors, Michael S. Clouse.

What I love about Michael’s stuff is it is SO simple! So many people get confused and discouraged in this industry because they make the process too complicated. Network Marketing is not that difficult… you just have to learn how to do a few tasks and then continue to do them consistently. That’s all there is to it!

So here are my network marketing tips for the day — 6 Daily Habits you need to learn in order to turn to your business into a success!

  1. Review Your Goals Every Day — What? I’m supposed to have goals?? I am surprised by how many people I talk to who have not set clear goals for their business! If you need some goal setting tips be sure to check out my book, Lifetime of Achievement: 7 Goal Setting Strategies that Work. Then, once you have your goals… spend 5-10 minutes every day (I like to start and end my day in this way) looking them over and reminding yourself of your “why”.
  2. Read 30 Minutes of a Good Personal Development Book a Day — What? I’m supposed to read things to improve myself? I jest… but again, I am shocked at how many new network marketers out there have never read a good personal development book! Talk to any leader in our industry and you will find that virtually all of them spend more time working on themselves than they do on their businesses. “Your business will only grow as fast as you do!”
  3. Listen to 30 minutes of a Good Personal Development Audio a Day — Yep, you read that right. That’s ONE FULL HOUR of personal development DAILY. Make it a habit, and watch your business SOAR! I get my audio content from a cool personal development app. It comes straight to my iPhone and there is a pay plan attached… win-win 🙂
  4. Expose 2 New Prospects to Your Product or Opportunity a Day — This, of course, is a minimum. What I like about this number though is it is completely DOABLE and SUSTAINABLE for anyone on any schedule. Too many networkers try to meet 15-20 people a day, and are then unable to sustain that activity for any extended period of time. 2 a day every day. Make it your mantra.
  5. Follow-Up With Your Prospects Every Day — No, you do not have to follow-up with every prospect every day. But EVERY DAY you should be following-up with someone! Here’s a great video I put together on the importance of follow-up. I believe missing this skill is one of the #1 contributing factors to FAILURE in this industry. You MUST master the art of follow-up!
  6. Teach Your Team Members to Do 1-5 —Network Marketing is comprised of  3 universal activities. It doesn’t matter if you live in the US or Australia or anywhere in between… it doesn’t matter if your company sells the latest health craze or home decor…. there are three universal activities that every network marketer must master if they want to be successful. Those are… Prospecting (finding people to talk to), Presentation (talking to the people you find), and Duplication (teaching those who join you how to do the same).Habits 1-5 cover the first two activities. Habit 6 is all about the third. Teach your team how to master steps 1-5 and you will have an organization that duplicates as wide and deep as you want to go!

So there you have it — 6 Daily Habits you need to form if you want your business to be successful. I hope you found these Network Marketing Tips to be helpful!

Now go out and complete these steps today and every day!

Your quote for the day:
“Master the Mundane!”

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