Network Marketing Success Tips — My Top 3 Takeaways from Tanya Aliza’s High Level Mastermind Event

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a high level mastermind at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando Florida with about 30 other entrepreneurs from around the world. The event was put together by Tanya Aliza, and throughout the event we got to hear a TON from her, her husband and cold market prospecting rockstar Cesar Rodriguez and one of the BEST copywriters in our industry, Justice Eagan.

In this article I’m going to share my three biggest takeaways from the event that can help you get better results in your business online.

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Each week I like to put together a free resource to help you get more out of the article and reach your business goals. Since we’re talking about top takeaways today, I thought I’d share the PDF I received over 8 years ago that is the single best piece of business advice I ever received. This PDF was shared with me at an event in Las Vegas in 2009, by one of the top earners in the network marketing profession. At the time, he called it the “Secret” to Success in Network Marketing… and he was exactly right!

If you’ve ever thought about giving up or quitting your network marketing business, this download will really help you. Honestly, without it I don’t think I would have ever stuck around long enough to create success in my business, and wouldn’t still be in this industry today. I’ve shared it with all my team members, and I know it’s helped them just as much as it helped me, so I know it will help you too! Click Here to Download It Now.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Top Takeaway #1: Features vs Benefits

Most network marketers talk about their products, services and business in terms of features.

Company and Product Name. Ingredients, What Features Your Product Has or What the Service Is.

If you want to massively increase your sales and enrollments, it’s time to stop talking about what your product, service or company IS, and instead start talking about what it does.

When you’re talking to a prospect, there’s one dominating thought going through their mind: What’s in it for me?

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature. We ALL do it! And as marketers, we can use this knowledge to our advantage by sharing what the BENEFITS of our product are rather than word-vomiting a bunch of features our prospects couldn’t care less about.

No one cares how fast your company is growing, what secret ingredient is in your shake or what patented technology your products utilize.

They want to know…

How will their life be DIFFERENT after they use your product or join your business compared to how their life is now (BEFORE).

This before and after approach can be used with any product/service/business to instantly gain more interest from your prospects and convert them into customers.

The first two levels of this are what will your prospect HAVE after using your product or joining your business that they don’t have right now, and how will your prospect FEEL after using your product or joining your business that’s better than how they feel now.

Example: After joining your business your prospect will have more time to spend with their kids and will grateful that they don’t have to leave their kids in daycare all day.

After using your weight loss product your prospect will have clothes that fit better, and feel more confident.

See what I’m saying? People don’t want fancy ingredients or high-end features. They want to have something they’re missing, or feel better than they currently do. Start talking in these terms when you’re prospecting and watch your results double and probably even triple. 


Network Marketing Success Tips | Top Takeaway #2: Time Blocking

This is such a huge concept for most people. As network marketers we pride ourselves on being able to work our business in the nooks and crannies of our week, but the reality is sometimes you need to work in time blocks if you really want to reach your goals.

Yes… work your business in the 15 minute break you have between your afternoon meeting and picking your kids up from school.

Listen to personal and professional development during your half-hour commute to work.

But also set aside at least 2-3 days each week where you can work 1-2 hours, uninterrupted, on income producing activities.

Batch your activities together to maximize the time spent. For example, in a 15 minute time block take a few minutes to write down all the NEW people you’re going to reach out to that day, and write down all the people you need to follow up with each day.

Then, in your 1 hour time block make all your initial reach outs first, followed by your follow up calls.

When you work in time blocks and batch your activities together you accomplish two things:

  1. You Get Better and Faster: You can’t leave 10 voicemails in a row without getting better in the process! If you only leave a voicemail here and there throughout the week, you’re starting over each time in trying to remember exactly what you’re going to say in each message. By working in time blocks, you get better by repeating the same stuff over and over again in a short period of time. You also get the work done much faster!
  2. You Feel More Confident: Picking up the phone for the first time each day is always a little scary. Picking it up for the second time can be a little daunting as well. Picking up the phone for the 10th time? No sweat… by this time, you’re a pro! Batching your activities together increases your confidence, which comes across in the way you communicate and increases your results!


Network Marketing Success Tips | Top Takeaway #3: Surround Yourself With The Right People

One of my biggest takeaways from this weekend had absolutely nothing to do with the content in the training. It was spending 3 days practically locked in the room with 30 entrepreneurs who were playing a really high level, and committed to growing their business no matter what.

When you surround yourself with inspiring people, you naturally feel more inspired. They make you want to do more and be more… and they help you believe that you can do it.

Network Marketing, especially online, can be a lonely world. We work from home, alone, most of the time.

It’s important to find a group of peers who are striving for the same kind of big goals you are, so you can encourage and inspire one another on your journey.

Facebook has made this easier than ever, and I personally LOVE Facebook groups as a way to connect and build relationships with other networkers, regardless of what product or company they represent. You quickly realize, we are all on the same team. There is room for EVERYONE at the top, and there are thousands of other network marketers out there who are cheering for you to succeed!

(If you’re looking for a great group to join to start meeting some of these amazing people, check out our free MLM Freedom Community on Facebook.)

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Additional Resources That Will Help You

Google Calendar (To Help With Time Blocking) – Learn More

One of my favorite business tools I use daily is my Google Calendar. Start by blocking off all the time you need for commitments you can’t change (ie: work, taking the kids to school, weekly obligations, etc). Then, fill in 2-3 time blocks each week where you can work your business (uninterrupted) for 1-2 hours at a time! The best part about the Google Calendar? It’s Free!

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Learn More

If you want to learn more about how to talk to your audience in terms of BENEFITS and how to communicate about your products and business on social media, I highly recommend this book by Gary V. It breaks down just how powerful social media can be for your business and shows you exactly how to post on each platform in a way that naturally makes your prospects want to learn more!


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