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A mentor once told me that in order to create network marketing success, the #1 thing you must do is keep the main thing the main thing.

Of course my next question was probably the same as yours,

“Great! So what’s the main thing?”

Let me start by telling you what the main thing ISN’T.

The Main Thing Is Not:

  • Cleaning Out Email
  • Browsing Social Media
  • Attending Training Webinars
  • Organizing Your Office
  • Reading/Listening to Personal Development
  • Checking Your Downline Report
  • Researching Marketing Ideas
  • Researching Lead Generation Techniques
  • Preparing Information Packets
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Training New Team Members
  • Training Old Team Members
  • Socializing with Upline
  • Leadership/Mastermind Calls
  • Attending Events
  • This list could go on and on and on…

But wait! Don’t I need to spend time daily in personal development, invest in my new team members, learn how to generate more leads, bolster my leadership skills, etc, etc, etc? Aren’t those things important? Don’t they contribute to network marketing success?


But unless you are also keeping the main thing the main thing, all other things become irrelevant. 

So what’s the main thing?

Here it is. Are you ready for it?

The main thing has two parts… here’s the first one:

How many times today has your company story been told by you, by someone on your team, by a tool or by an event?

And the second part is:

If you can learn to track that, you can build a financial wall around your family nothing can get through. 

That’s it!

Because if your company story is not being told, everything else you do to build your business becomes irrelevant.

You can attend every training call, leadership conference and event on the planet… but if your company story is not being told by you and by the people on your team, it doesn’t matter.

You can read personal development books and research lead generation techniques until your eyes bleed… but if your company story is not being told, it won’t help you one bit.

At the end of the day, all that matters is did you keep the main thing the main thing?

There is no room for excuses.

There is no room for stories.

There is only a number — and the number tells the story of your success or failure.

So if you want create network marketing success, keep the main thing the main thing. Remain accountable to yourself by TRACKING that number, and teach those who join your team how to do the same.

By consistently inviting a minimum of two new people to look at your business 5 days a week for 3-5 years, and teaching your team to do so as well, you WILL create the network marketing success you’re looking for.

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