Network Marketing Mindset | Use This Strategy to Strengthen Your Entrepreneur Muscle

In this week’s episode I’m going to share a simple strategy you can use to develop a more powerful network marketing mindset and strengthen your entrepreneur muscle. 95% of your success in network marketing comes down to what’s going on between your ears. If you can master your mindset, and you can overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal you set in your business. 

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To help you get the most out of this episode, I’ve created a free PDF download for you called My 20 Entrepreneur Affirmations to Help You Think, Act and Earn Like a Top Earner. 

These affirmations will help you change the conversations that are happening inside your head, break out of your comfort zone and increase your confidence so you can enroll more people and earn more money in your business. 

I’ve been in the network marketing business since 2005, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that my paycheck cannot and will not ever exceed my mindset. Any time I’ve wanted to reach a new level of my business, I had to start with reaching a new level in my thinking. And with each new level of thinking comes a higher level or recognition and compensation within my business. 
The same is true for you too, which is why I know these 20 Entrepreneur Affirmations to Help You Think, Act and Earn Like a Top Earner will be so powerful for you! 

Network Marketing Mindset | The Reality of Entrepreneurship

One of the realities of entrepreneurship is the obstacles and roadblocks you’ll encounter along your journey. Whether you’re building a traditional business all on your own or pursuing a home business through network marketing or direct sales, these obstacles and roadblocks are simply part of the process.
Being an entrepreneur is not always an easy journey. In fact, it rarely is. It is often lonely, discouraging, frustrating and there will be many days when you feel like you’re simply spinning your wheels and not moving forward at all.
These days happen to everyone. What separates the successful entrepreneurs from those who fail is how they respond in these situations.
When troubles arise, as I’ve already assured you they will, you have a choice: You can choose to blame these troubles on the economy, your customers & clients, your team, your upline, your company, your product, etc… OR you can choose to take 100% personal responsibility for what’s happening in your business.

Don’t get me wrong… when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to the ‘blame game’ is an easy one to play:

“If my company would just do __________, this wouldn’t be happening.”
“If my upline provided better training, I would know how to handle this situation.”
“If the economy was better in my city, it would be easier to get more customers.”
Maybe these things you say are even true. But when you choose to blame your circumstances on outside factors you’re actually keeping yourself stuck and blocking your own power and ability to overcome your circumstances and succeed in spite of them. 
If you look for problems and someone to blame, you’ll be sure to find them. Remember: unsuccessful people focus on problems, while successful people focus on finding solutions. 

Network Marketing Mindset | The Cure to What Ails You

Personal responsibility is the cure to whatever ails you in your business.

It promotes creativity and solution-based thinking, two characteristics that are absolutely essential if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur.

When you take personal responsibility you put your business in your own hands, and that’s the only way to guarantee success.

Grant Cardone, in his book The 10X Rule, states, “Success is not something that happens to you, it’s something that happens because of you and because of the actions you take.”

Personal responsibility is all about accountability and assuming control for everything that happens in your business. People tend to avoid these things because the idea of believing you are responsible for everything that’s happened, is happening and will happen in your life can be scary — but it will also be a liberating shift in your mindset.

You see, you can’t control the things that happen to you. But when you adopt the belief that everything in life happens BECAUSE of you, you hold in your hands the ability to change the outcome. By taking personal responsibility you take back control of your story… you put the pen in your own hand and you have the power to write whatever you choose.

When something happens to you, you natural response is to take the stance of a victim. This might make you feel better short term, but it does nothing to actually solve your problem. And a synonym for successful entrepreneur is expert problem solver. When something happens because of you, you can skip the blame game and immediately move on to finding the solution to whatever problem you’ve encountered:

Don’t have enough people to talk to about your business? It’s because you haven’t been looking at expanding your network as a learnable skill and taking the actions to develop it.

Are people consistently taking advantage of you by not respecting your time? It’s because you’ve told them through your prior actions/responses that this treatment is acceptable, and haven’t taken the actions that show them how they’re allowed to treat you.

Feeling discouraged because you’re seeing others in your company advance to new ranks and grow their income while your own business remains stagnant? It’s because you’ve not yet taken the actions to build the mindset, belief and skills required to reach that level of success.

The bottom line is this: When things don’t go the way you want them to you can either play the blame game and stay stuck, or take personal responsibility and take action toward the solution that will move you past that point. This is true not only in your business, but in every area of your life whether it be your health, finances, relationships, spiritual life, etc.

You have created every single detail of your life through the mindset and beliefs you’ve acquired and the actions/inactions you’ve taken. This is actually good news because it means that to change any aspect of your life you simply need to expand your belief, change your mindset and/or acquire new skills. You are not a victim. You are in control.

The Law of Control states that we feel good about ourselves and about our life to the extent that we feel we are in control. That’s why stepping up and taking personal responsibility, even in an unfavorable situation, feels better than just sitting around and complaining about it. When you give the blame and responsibility to someone or something else, you give that person or situation control over your circumstances. When you take the blame and responsibility, you take back control. The ball is back in your court and you can move forward accordingly. 

Network Marketing Mindset | How to Practice and Master Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility is incredibly liberating, albeit a bit difficult to master in the beginning. It will take practice, especially if it’s not something you’re used to practicing regularly. 

To start, you must be willing to accept that everything in your life as it is today is a direct results of the choices and decisions you’ve made throughout your life. This isn’t always a pretty thing to accept. In fact, it can be downright ugly. But I assure you, it’s the first step. 

Once you’ve accepted that you are right where you are because of… well, because of yourself, it’s time to ask yourself, “If I were to continue to live life as I’ve lived it up to this point, what would my life look like 5 years from now?” 

Take some time to examine your answers. I suggest you grab a notebook and write your thoughts down so you can organize them properly. Examine not just your business, but every single aspect of your life: your health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, physical environments, business and overall lifestyle. 

If you don’t like the answer to your 5 year question in any of these areas, it’s time for the follow up question: “Which actions could I begin taking today that will lead to a better, more fulfilling outcome in that area of my life?”  

From that point on, it’s time to simply make better choices. I say simply, but I’ll warn you: It’s not simple at all. At least, it won’t be at first. Personal responibility and the willingness to make better choices consistently is a habit. You won’t mess up on purpose (at least not at first), you’ll simply not think about it. Then, you’ll question: In the grand scheme of things, does this little decision really affect me that much? 

The small, seemingly inconsequential actions that lead to our success (or failure) in any area of our life are just that: small. They’re easy to do, and they’re easy not to do. Most do not produce immediate results. But when compounded over time, they make all the difference. 

Your job is to develop the self-discipline to practice personal responsibility and make the positive choices, over and over and over again, until your outer world becomes a reflection of those small decisions you made. 

Expand your network… even if you don’t feel like it. 

Invite new people to look at your business today… even if you’d rather not. 

Wake up that extra hour and dive into a life-changing morning routine… even when sleep might “feel” better in the moment. 

Take personal responsibility for your life and for the small decisions you make daily. Resolve to practice the positive choices that lead to a positive life. 

A great way to kickstart this positive way of thinking is through powerful affirmations. So be sure to grab my 20 Entrepreneur Affirmations To Help You Think, Act and Earn Like a Top Earner. This free download will help you raise your level of thinking and program your mind to consistently take personal responsibility and take the best actions to move you forward in your business and your life.

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The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson: Your life is the sum of small, seemingly insignificant choices, compounded over time. Jeff Olson calls this the Slight Edge, and this book is virtually guaranteed to help you reach the next level in your life and business. Personally, I’ve read it so many times the binding is falling apart. Grab your copy now and read it as many times as necessary until it sinks in and becomes a part of who you are. 


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