Network Marketing Leads — How to Get Your Prospects Off the Fence and Into Your Business

In this article I share four steps on how to work with your network marketing leads to get them off the fence and into your business. It happens to all of us… someone agrees to take a look at our business, then goes into our funnel and never seems to come out the other side! If you have network marketing leads in your funnel who you simply can’t seem to get off the fence, you’ll love the four tips shared in this article!

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To help you get the most out of this article, I’ve created a free PDF download for you called Your Decision Making Roadmap. This 4-part roadmap breaks down the 4 places your prospect may get stuck in your funnel and shares additional resources you can use to help move them along in the decision-making process. You can access it by clicking on the image above or just click here.

I’m sharing this article with you today because I’ve found success in network marketing comes down to 3 simple steps: 

  • Finding people to talk to 
  • Talking to the people you find
  • Helping those who choose to join you do the same

Virtually every skill you will ever need to know about how to build your network marketing business will fall into one of these three areas, and today’s topic will not only help you with the first two, but will also equip you to better help those who choose to join you as well.


How to Get Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence | Talking to Enough People

If you find people are getting “stuck” in your funnel and you aren’t enrolling your fair share of customers and business partners, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Am I talking to enough people?” 

And the best tip I can give you to answer this question is, 

If you aren’t talking to at least 14 new network marketing leads about your business every week, then no. You aren’t talking to enough people. 

You may be wondering, what does talking to enough people have to do with getting those network marketing leads who are in my funnel off the fence and into my business? 

In short, it has EVERYTHING to do with it! Let me explain: 

When you aren’t talking to enough people you naturally become fixated on the network marketing leads who have already agreed to take a look at your business. This fixation leads to desperation, and a significant attachment to whether or not that person makes a decision, and on WHEN they make a decision. 

If you’re consistently talking to enough people about your business, you won’t have time to worry about those who haven’t reach a decision yet! You’ll be so busy talking to the ones who ARE interested, that the ones who aren’t ready yet will barely enter your mind at all. 

Then something magical happens: 

Because you’re busy working the numbers, you’re unattached to the outcome of any one person. And because you’re unattached, you will naturally share with a more professional, confident posture that naturally attracts more network marketing leads and makes them want to work with you! 

People like working with passionate, busy people! And when you consistently share your business with at least 14 new network marketing leads a week, you naturally become that kind of person!

Inside the Decision Making Roadmap I share my #1 tip for speaking with your prospects with the right posture to encourage them to move through the funnel and arrive at a decision more quickly. This one simple mindset shift can have a profound impact on your results, so be sure to grab your copy of the download by clicking here.

How to Get Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence | Follow Up More and More Often

One of the best tips for getting your network marketing leads off the fence and into your business is to follow up more and more often. 

Statistics show it takes an average of 5-12 exposures for someone to make a decision, and yet the average person only follows up with their network marketing leads about 3 times! That’s a HUGE disconnect, don’t you think? 

The key to getting people off the fence is to lead them by the hand through the decision making process: 

  • Remember the purpose of follow up is to GIVE your network marketing lead the information they need to make a decision. NOT to “get” them to sign up or buy your products!
  • Tell (don’t ask) your network marketing lead what they next step is, and then ask when they will be able to review it.
  • Work from appointment to appointment every 24-48 hours, continuing to follow up and introduce the next step in the process.

Inside the Decision Making Roadmap I share a link to a 35-minute training video where I help you create your perfect follow up funnel using the tools you have at your disposal. If you’ve ever wondered how often you should follow up, what to say when you follow up or how to follow up with your network marketing leads without sounding pushy, this video will be super helpful to you! You can download the free Decision Making Roadmap by clicking here.

How to Get Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence | WIIFT

One reason you might not be able to get your network marketing leads off the fence is because you’re leading with your own agenda (what’s in it for you) vs leading with WIIFT (what’s in it for THEM). 

Remember the purpose of follow up: To guide your network marketing lead through the decision making process so they can arrive at the BEST decision for them! 

Every person you introduce into your funnel has a pain or a problem — something either your products or your business (or both) can solve. When we take the time to truly LISTEN to our network marketing leads, hear their pain and then respond with the next step to help them resolve that pain, then we are leading from the right place. 

Almost always, if you have someone stuck in your funnel you can get them out by simply asking more (and better) questions. Evaluating where your prospect’s head is… what their concerns are… and even more importantly, discovering their WHY can help you provide them with the best information that fits their situation. 

Inside the Decision Making Roadmap I share my Top-3 Questions you can ask your network marketing leads to get them off the fence and help them arrive at the best decision for them. Not only will these questions help you evaluate what concerns your prospect has, but they will also help you get a commitment from them to review the information you send, and effortlessly set follow up appointments that your prospect actually looks forward to! You can download the Decision Making Roadmap by clicking here.

How to Get Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence | Build Belief

Almost always, if a network marketing lead is giving you objections, it’s because they are lacking in belief. As network marketers, it’s our job to provide the information to our prospects to help them build their belief in 4 key areas: 

  • Belief in Themselves 
  • Belief in the Products
  • Belief in the Company 
  • Belief in the Business Model 

We do this through the follow up tools we use as we guide our network marketing leads through the decision making process.  

(Click Here to Get the Roadmap and My Free Training Video on How to Create Your Perfect Follow Up Funnel)

You can handle any objection by asking the right questions to help you understand the root of the issue, then using the proper tool (if needed) to address your prospect’s concern. 

Inside the Decision Making Blueprint I share the Top-5 Objections you’re most likely to encounter, the best question to ask in response to each objection, and how to move your prospect from that objection to the next step in the process. You can download your copy free by clicking here.

Hands down, one of the BEST tools to dive into when handling objections is 3-Way Calls or 3-Way Messages

3-Way Calls and 3-Way Messages do 3 things to help your network marketing lead: 

  • Takes YOU out of the equation (remember, it’s all about THEM) 
  • Provides 3rd Party Validation 
  • Shows them the kind of support they will have when they join (builds belief) 


Network Marketing Leads | Let’s Dive Deeper Into 3-Way Messages

Each week I choose one of the network marketing tips from my podcast I know you will really benefit from and dive deeper into it with a Facebook Live video.

Live episodes air every Friday at 10am EST on my Facebook Page.

If you aren’t able to make it live you can catch this week’s episode along with all prior recordings under the Videos tab on our MLM Boss Babes Facebook Page or on my YouTube Channel.

This Week’s Freedom Factor Live Episode is: How to Execute a Flawless 3-Way Message

In this episode I share my best network marketing tips for setting up and executing a 3-way message with your network marketing leads. I’ll cover how to set up a 3-way message, how to edify your upline in a 3-way message and how to use 3-way messages to move your prospects off the fence and (hopefully) into your business!

How to Get Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence | 3 Possible Exit Strategies

In this week’s Freedom Factor Podcast episode I talk about the 3 possible “exit strategies” for your network marketing leads once they’ve entered your funnel: 

  • Joining your business 
  • Becoming Your Customer 
  • Giving Referrals 

You can listen to the entire podcast episode at the top of this post, or simply search Freedom Factor on iTunes. 

I don’t care which exit strategy my network marketing lead takes. I only care that they EXIT and don’t remain in my funnel forever! When someone arrives at the decision to either join my business, buy my products or send a referral my way, I know I’ve done my job. 

And don’t forget, a “no” to your business is almost always a “not right now” — so when someone exits my funnel as either a customer or as someone who’s given me a referral, I always put them back on my list so I can revisit them at another time.


Network Marketing Leads | So There You Have It —

Some of My Best Strategies for Getting Your Network Marketing Leads Off the Fence and Into Your Business!

You’ll find additional resources for each of the network marketing tips in this formula in the Decision Making Roadmap. Inside this roadmap I’ve included my best tips for developing the right prospecting posture, the best questions to ask your prospects, how to create your perfect follow up funnel and how to overcome the top 5 objections you may encounter along the way. You can download it free by clicking here.

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