Mindset Hacks of Top Earners

The 5 Strategies You Need to Learn Now to
Enroll More People, Build a Bigger Team
and Create a Lifestyle of Freedom… Fast.

Lesson #4: Discipline

Welcome to Day 4 of the Mindset Hacks Mini Course! Before we jump in, have you completed the resource worksheets in Lessons 1-3?

I’ll be the first to admit… I used to NEVER do that. I would breeze through books and training programs, read over the application exercises and then just move right along. Funny enough, as soon as I began to slow down and actually complete the application exercises the results in my business improved exponentially. Kinda crazy, huh? So anyway… I hope you’ve been doing the resource worksheets as we go along!

Today we’re diving into a word that doesn’t sound very fun: discipline. And although it might not be your favorite word, it is the ONLY way to get from where you are now to where you want to be in your network marketing business.

Watch the video above to hear how marshmallows are related to your network marketing success. Yes, marshmallows. And I’ll also break down the four-step formula for creating more discipline in your own life.

Then, check out the resource download below, and watch the resource video too… it’s hilarious!

We’re almost done! Tomorrow is day 5 and I’ll see you bright and early right back here at 7am!

See ya then,


Lesson 4 Resources

Master Discipline PDF Worksheet

The Marshmallow Test
(hilarious. trust me.)