Well, it’s that time of the week again. The dreaded day almost everyone wishes would never arrive: Monday. As much as Friday is looked upon with excitement and anticipation, Monday is looked upon with equal amounts of dread.

For most people, there is only one good thing about Mondays: They are only 2 days away from Wednesday (hump day) which is only 2 days away from Friday! Oh, glorious Friday!

To be honest, I kind of laugh to myself when thinking of this perpetual cycle. Like a dog chasing its tail life can easily become a never-ending circle of looking forward to Friday and dreading Monday and looking forward to Friday again. It’s not funny really… in fact, it’s not funny at all. What a horrible way to go through life — constantly wishing your life away, waiting for Friday.

I tend to be this way in a larger sense — I LOVE the summer and fall months. Here in West Texas there is no greater time! Summer brings cool mornings and hot summer days. Time at the pool, cookouts with friends and (most importantly to me) plenty of time spent at the horse barns. Fall is equally wonderful. My favorite spectator sport (football) is back in full swing and the weekends pass quickly with tailgate parties, Texas Tech football games and the Cowboys on Sundays. The fall also leads into the holiday season, which is another wonderful time of year.

For as much love as I hold for summer and fall though, I hold equal distaste for winter and spring. Bone-chilling winds and the occasional snow make going outside miserable in the winter. Spring likes to tease you by bringing semi-warm temperatures and then, in West Texas at least, blasting you with sandstorms that make the entire sky turn brown.

No, I do not like winter and spring at all.

I first noticed the hilarity and, quite frankly, pathetic nature of this cycle a couple of years ago. How miserable to spend half the year longing for the other half? And how miserable to spend the last few weeks of my favorite season dreading the arrival of winter. By doing this I was limiting my enjoyment to only 6 months per year! That is not a way to live.

I am still not a big fan of winter or spring. What I do though is work to find the small moments in them I DO enjoy. Coffee and a good book by the fireplace, bundling up in coats and scarves to go for a walk around the neighborhood, visiting the horses on a snowy day and taking advantage of the beautiful canvas to get some great pictures. Our wedding anniversary also falls in the winter months, so we have decided (at least until we have kids) to take a mini-vacation each year to celebrate. This past year we nt to Niagara Falls, Canada. It was FREEZING but we made wonderful memories despite the cold.

We are planning a trip to Europe for a couple of weeks next spring — taking advantage of their good weather and using it to get away from our crazy sandstorms!

These are all short-term ways I deal with two seasons I don’t have much taste for. I have also created a long-term goal that will allow me to truly enjoy all 4 seasons in their entirety. In our travels we’ve discovered that while winter and spring may not be the best time of the year in Texas, it is a fantastic time of the year in Florida. The weather is cool and the humidity is down. The crowd levels at all the local attractions are also the lowest during the winter and spring months. My husband and I plan to eventually own a second home in Ocala, Florida where we will spend a great deal of our time during the winter and spring.

But let’s get back to Monday. And Friday. Do you spend your life on a merry-go-round of dread and anticipation? Take steps today to begin putting a stop the never-ending cycle.

Begin a gratitude journal that you write in each morning. Write what you are thankful for that day and something about the day you are looking forward to. Take time out to enjoy the small things about each day. If your daily routine is truly miserable, take steps to change it! It may not happen immediately, but begin searching for a career that brings you happiness and joy rather than dread.

Create a long-term goal that will get you out of the cycle. Rob and I have a goal to eventually only work 3 days per week — adding every Monday and Friday to our weekend! You can have a similar goal. Simply decide what you want and then figure out the steps to get there. Be consistent in your action and watch the life you’ve dreamed of begin to develop in front of your eyes!

I wish for you an END to the Monday-Friday-Monday merry-go-round. Enjoy your week and have a truly Marvelous Monday!

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