Like it or not, we live in an ever-evolving age of technology. This week’s newest thing will be next week’s old news, and the tools you use to build your business today will likely evolve past recognition over the coming months and years.

As network marketing professionals it is our job to remain up-to-date on the latest tools available to us when building our business.

I hear so much comparison between “old school” and “new school” networking techniques, when in reality I believe the only school we should be worried about is the one that’s in session right now.

Despite all the complexity, network marketing is formed around 3 basic principles:

Prospecting (finding people to talk to)
Presentation (talking to the people you find)
Duplication (teaching those who join you how to do the same)

Whether you consider yourself old school, new school or somewhere in between, the reality is you must learn to master those 3 skills in order to succeed in this industry.

That being said, the Internet isn’t going away. It will continue to grow and offer more new and better modes of communication as the years go by.

And if we really are NETWORK marketers, wouldn’t it be in our best interest to stay up-to-date on the tools and trends that will help us better manage and leverage our networks?

I think of it like a doctor. 20 years ago laparoscopic surgeries were rare. To have a surgery required days and sometimes weeks of hospital time, a major incision and months of recovery.

While there are obviously still major surgeries today, most procedures now take place in an outpatient facility where the patient goes home within just a few hours and is functioning normally within just a few days.

Imagine if a surgeon refused to embrace this new technology, determined to stay “old school” in a very “new school” world!

While the principles of the procedures remains the same, the tools have changed. They have improved. And to ignore these improvements would almost certainly result in patients who decide to look elsewhere for their treatment.

No matter the way that technology changes, whether in the weeks, months or years to come, the principles of our profession will remain the same.

Whether you adapt and embrace these new tools or stay stuck in the past will be up to you. Technology is all around us — it is constantly offering up new and improved tools for us to take advantage of, it’s just up to us to use them!

So your challenge for the day is to explore a new technology, and determine how it may help you with your business.

P.S. — Thanks to the construction going on in our home, we are currently experiencing an Internet outage. So this is my first-ever post from the WordPress App on my iPhone!

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