We live in a complicated world. While new technology has definitely made us better connected, it can also be a distraction when it comes to achieving our goals. Instead of always looking for the newest, better, most high-tech solution, the answers to our questions often lie in the simplicity of a few daily actions.

“Master the mundane” is a phrase often used by the top earners in my industry. If you can learn to do that, they say, then there is nothing standing in your way. The problem is that most people are NOT good at this simple, easy to do (easy not to do) task. Our brains have become accustomed to the flash, hype, speed found an ever-changing world of advertisements, television shows and websites. Simple is boring. Simple is just not the way to go.

Oh, but it is. Let’s examine one of the most successful pieces of new technology in our time — the iPhone. The numbers by which it surpasses its competitors are astounding. Virtually everyone has one or wants one. The beauty behind the iPhone is its simplicity — one button, one screen and each owner can customize it to be as high-tech or as simple as they would like it to be.

My 69 year old grandmother has one, as does my 11 year old sister. One of my good friends has an app that is used by her 8 month old daughter!

While the functions of the iPhone may not be simple, the operation of it definitely is. Apple does not force the high-tech aspects of the phone on the consumer — the phone is what you make it. You can use it simply as a device to call and connect with another person, or you can turn it into a handheld computer that does anything from high-tech gaming to arming your security system from half-way across the world.

The topic of this blog post came to me last night as I was laying in bed thinking about the Network Marketing company I am a part of. SendOutCards thrives on technology — without the technology of the internet, it would not exist as it is today. Despite the high-tech aspects of the software though, the premise behind the company is simple: We help millions of people act on their promptings and provide a vehicle for true financial freedom. We do this simply by gathering a few customers and teaching others to do the same. It really is that simple.

My hyper-active brain tends to overcomplicate things. I have a hard time believing that anything is truly simple. Maybe you do not struggle with this issue… and if not, then perhaps this post does not apply to you. It applies to me though, and I am very grateful to have this blog as an opportunity to teach myself as much as anyone else!

You may not be in SendOutCards, or even in Network Marketing. Regardless of the direction of your dreams though simplicity still reigns as one of the primary factors in your success. Pro athletes, CEOs, best selling authors and even our military servicemen and women all have one thing in common: They have mastered the mundane. They have taken the simple steps necessary to be successful in their area of expertise and they have become true masters of those steps.

My challenge to you today is to take a look at your goal and strip it down to its very core — what are the simple steps required for you to achieve it? What is the simple premise behind your goal? Strip it down to the mundane, and then go to work today on mastering those simple steps. We will all get much further much faster by learning and applying this principle!

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