How to Keep Yourself Motivated While Building Your Network Marketing Business

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar
In this week’s episode I share 4 simple strategies to help keep yourself motivated while building your network marketing business. Think about it — how far and how fast could you go if you were simply motivated enough to get there? How far and how fast could you go if you had enough courage, enthusiasm, persistency, energy and creativity? 
The short answer is anywhere. And I want to help you get there quickly.
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Staying Motivated While Working Your Network Marketing Business is Important

Self-motivation plays a huge factor in building a successful business, and many people fail to ever reach their business goals because they are unable to remain motivated enough to remain in consistent action for a long enough period of time to gain any momentum and build a solid organization.
Success in network marketing is the sum of boring, mundane daily actions repeated consistently over time. That’s it. Yes… you need to learn the skills. You need to learn how to prospect, present, follow up and enroll effectively. That’s important. But it’s not what holds most people back because most people never even get that far. 
They’re out of the game long before they can conclude that the skills don’t work, because most never even get in the game to begin with. Very few network marketers ever take the right actions consistently enough for a long enough period of time to conclude that this thing “just doesn’t work.” 

Network Marketing Is Like Leading a Volunteer Army

In the beginning, building your network marketing business is a lot like being the leader of a volunteer army. 
Actually, it’s more like trying to play the role of the calvary, infantry and special forces all at the same time… all by yourself. 
In the first few years you will put in a lot of work with what appears to be very little pay off. Network Marketing is the ultimate lesson in delayed gratification. For those who stay motivated though, within 3-5 years you’ll be earning far more than the hours you put in. Your income will be leveraged to the 10x degree, and you can easily be working 15 hours a week while earning more in a month than most people earn in a year. 
You just have to stay motivated enough to reach that point!


Self Motivation Defined

No one talks self-motivation better than the master himself, Richard Brooke. In his book Mach II Richard defines self-motivation as “that mysterious concoction of belief, confidence, positive expectations and creativity — a seeming abundance of physical, mental and emotional energy — that naturally propels us to our goals.” 
Self-Motivation leads you to act and helps you attract into your life and business the results you want. With the right combination of courage, persistence, enthusiasm, energy and creativity you can do anything. Including succeed in your network marketing business! 
So let’s talk about 4 key strategies you can use to keep yourself motivated so you can tap into this energy and reach your goals: 


How to Stay Motivated While Working Your Network Marketing Business | Strategy #1: Craft a Clear and Compelling Vision of the Life You’re Working to Create

When it comes to WHY you are building your business, there is no wrong or right except that which is wrong or right for you. Let me repeat that… your why doesn’t matter, as long as it is authentic.

A vision starts with a crystal clear picture of the life you want to create, combined with the unshakeable belief that you will get there. A strong vision compels you to act. It counteracts any negativity, setbacks or obstacles you encounter because you KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where you’re going. That you might not get there does not even occur to you. It’s simply a matter of how, and when. And when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt where you’re going, you can move forward boldly and persistently with enough energy, creativity and enthusiasm to overcome anything that might stand in your way.

Craft a vision that touches all of your senses and evokes your emotions, then review that vision daily. Your vision is what gives you the emotional connection between your daily actions and the lifestyle those actions will create for you if you stay consistent with them long term.



How to Stay Motivated While Working Your Network Marketing Business | Strategy #2: Set Short Term and Long Term Goals that Feed Your Vision


Once you’ve crafted a compelling vision, create a set of short term and long term goals that will make that vision a reality, then attach daily actions to those goals as part of the action plan. It’s a lot easier to pick up the phone, make that follow-up appointment, reach out to that new prospect, when you know that action will directly lead you closer to your goal, which will in turn make your vision a reality.

A great place to start here is to set a title and income goal that’s in line with your life vision and where you want to be 5 years from today, 1 year from today and 90 days from today. Attach income producing actions to those goals and you are on your way!

How to Stay Motivated While Working Your Network Marketing Business | Strategy #3: Get Serious About the Cost of NOT Succeeding

Yes, you are going to fail time and time and time again as you work to build your business. It’s a reality of entrepreneurship, of learning new things, of daring to go for something great and stepping out of your comfort zone. But here’s the thing… eventually, you want to succeed.

The good news is you eventually WILL succeed as long as you are able to maintain consistent action over an extended period of time… the bad news is few people actually manage to do that.

Once you’ve crafted your vision and set your goals, I want to look long and hard at the consequences of NOT taking the actions you said you would take. Who are you saying no to? What are you saying no to? Who are you letting down? I know you don’t want to say no to yourself or your family… you don’t want to say no to the life you want to create for yourself and for them.

Every day that you fail to take action in your business you are saying no. You are saying no to yourself, to your potential, to your future. You are saying that whatever is happening today is more important than creating a life of freedom for yourself and for your family. Maybe you’re okay with that… but I have a feeling that you aren’t. And if you’re not okay with it then the only appropriate response is to take the actions you know you need to take in order to say YES to the life you deserve to create.



How to Stay Motivated While Working Your Network Marketing Business | Strategy #4: If You Can’t Be Motivated… Be Committed.

Sure, motivation is great. We all love those days when we spring out of bed 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, full of energy and ready to tackle the day and our goals and our life head on. But we also have days where we think our best friend might actually be the snooze button… where netflix and the couch look much more inviting than sitting down at the desk and picking up the phone… where we just don’t feel like doing anything with our business that day. My response to that is, SO WHAT. So what if you don’t feel like it?? We do things every day that we don’t feel like doing because they pay the bills, keep us healthy and safe or contribute to our wellbeing in some way.
Action is the cure to a lack of motivation. Do the thing, and you will have the power. Get into action and the motivation will come.
Creating a large organization with your network marketing business can allow you to live a life of freedom most only dream of… giving you the time to really live your life on your terms and the financial ability to give away more money than many make in a year. It’s a fact… so even when you don’t feel motivated, do it anyway. You don’t set goals because you feel motivated, you set goals because you are committed. Commit to yourself and to your goals and to the life you want to create. Commit, and you don’t need motivation. But here’s the secret: when you take action, especially when you don’t feel like it, the motivation to continue quickly follows. Do the thing and you shall have the power. Take the action and you shall have the motivation to take more.
Be sure to grab your free copy of my Mindset Hacks of Top Earners Mini Course to learn the 5 mindset strategies all top earners have in common to help you stay motivated enough to reach any goal you set in your business. 


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