Networking + Marketing Series for Network Marketers; How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Network in Your Pajamas

Welcome back to our Networking + Marketing Series for Network Marketers! Over the past several days we’ve been breaking down some psychology of networking and what it takes to REALLY be successful in the network marketing industry. And when I say “successful”, I mean what does it really take to create that 6- or 7-figure annual income as a network marketing professional…. that’s what we’re breaking down in this series, so if that interests you, make sure you go back to the first post and read forward from there!

In our last post I broke down the golden rules of networking online — essentially it comes down to 2 things: Build Relationships and Give Value.

Spamming groups isn’t going to do it.

Posting links isn’t going to do it.

Being weird isn’t going to do it.

But the internet has opened up doors of opportunity for networkers that the gurus of the 70s, 80s and 90s could have never predicted… the opportunity to literally grow a global network while sitting at home in your pajamas, or on a beach, or in the mountains or anywhere, any time of the day or night.

Wow. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking it’s worth taking the time to LEARN this skills so we can capitalize on this opportunity. So let’s dive in.

Today I’m going to break down one of my favorite online networking strategies… using Facebook pages + groups to grow your network.

Now remember… this is NOT about MARKETING your products or opportunity. We haven’t even tapped into the marketing portion of this series yet, so yeah, we might be here a while 🙂 Today though it’s just about networking… how do you use the groups and pages in facebook to meet more people, build more relationships and give more value to the world?

In a word, it’s very easy to do!

First, let’s talk about the KIND of groups you want to be joining. As a network marketer there are essentially two types of groups I recommend… groups specifically centered around the home business space, and then groups that cater to your specific hobbies, interests and lifestyle.

Starting with the business groups… this one needs a disclaimer: Before you join a group, read some of the posts! MOST of the network marketing groups you will find on the internet are spam city. Link after link after exhausting, nauseating link. Yuck. You don’t want to read that… I don’t want to read that… and when I think about the kind of people who DO want to read that, well… that’s not the professional caliber team I’m looking to build.

Now let me say one more thing. I’m not trying to be rude. The deal is MOST people come into network marketing without a clue as to how to build their business. Then, somewhere along the way, the either decide on their own or [more often] are actually TRAINED to post spammy links in groups to promote their business.

This is NOT a dig at these people… simply a dig at the TRAINING they have been provided. It’s wrong. It’s not professional. You don’t see Target or Macys or Nordstroms posting spammy links in random groups to promote their business, and we shouldn’t do that either. Network Marketing is a legitimate, professional industry… one of the largest industries in the WORLD… and its time we step up our game and give it the respect it deserves by treating it as such.

Okay, rant over 🙂 Bottom line… read before you join. You won’t serve yourself, your business or anyone else by joining a bunch of groups that promote spam. Trust me… I learned this one the hard way. Thankfully,  a mentor saw what I was doing and was kind enough to point out WHY what I was doing wouldn’t serve me or my business in the long-term.

So what kind of groups DO you want to join?

Look for groups that are centered around networking, or training, or inspiration + encouragement for fellow networkers. You might have to search a lot to find the few, but you’ll find them. And when you do, they are a gold mine!

Do the same with network marketing PAGES — follow people like Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro page, Todd Falcone, Sonja Stringer, Brian Carruthers, Ray Higdon, etc.

These people are network marketing professionals and the content placed on their pages is GENERIC content aimed at others who aspire to be network marketing professionals. Now you tell me — would you rather build relationships with aspiring professionals or professional spammers? I’ll let you answer that one on your own ;0)

I recommend finding 2-3 groups and 3-5 pages centered around network marketing.

So that’s the first type of groups/pages you want to join. Next up, pages and groups that fit your specific hobbies, interests and lifestyle:

What do you like to do?

Are you into knitting, or hiking, or deep sea fishing? What about reading, or cooking or traveling?

Think about what you like to do, then simply find groups and pages that fit those interests. Yes, it really is that simple!

Don’t go overboard here… simply pick 3 key interests/hobbies and find 2-3 groups or pages that fit each one.

Here’s a quick recap:

1. Join 2-3 groups + follow 3-5 pages related to network marketing/home business.

2. Choose 3 key interests/hobbies and join 2-3 groups OR pages that fit each one.

Now you should have anywhere from 10-15 new groups or pages… new COMMUNITIES that you are now a part of, and expanded your potential network by THOUSANDS.

Your homework for today is to go find your groups and pages to follow. In tomorrow’s post we’ll cover what to DO in these groups to start building relationships, adding value and growing your network faster than you ever thought possible!

Don’t forget… I’ll be sending out a FREE cheat sheet at the end of this series to everyone who’s subscribed to my newsletter. This is a LONG series, so this cheatsheet can be invaluable to you as you begin working to implement the mindsets and strategies we’ve covered… so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter below by entering your name and email!


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