How to Succeed in Network Marketing

In this article, I share my best strategies for how to succeed in network marketing. These strategies will help you begin seeing real results in your business in just a few hours a week.

Are you currently stuck, spinning your wheels and wondering exactly how to succeed in network marketing?

What if I told you that success in network marketing is really quite simple (note: I didn’t say it was easy). Implementing these 3 simple strategies into your routine can help you see real results and real income from your business.

And don’t be fooled by how easy these are! Sometimes I think people overlook the simplest things they can do to move their business forward because they’re looking for the “magic bullet” that will give them “overnight success.”

Spoiler Alert: Lasting, overnight success does not exist!

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Over the years I’ve found most network marketers fall into 1 of 3 catageories:

• You don’t know what you should be doing to build your business.
• You know what you should be doing, but aren’t doing enough of it consistently.
or far lesson commonly,
• You know what you should be doing, are taking massive action and are experiencing massive results! (If this is you, congrats!)

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3 Key Strategies for How to Succeed in Network Marketing

How to Succeed in Network Marketing – Expand Your Network

One of the number one complaints I hear from network marketers is this: “I just don’t have enough people to talk to.” On the surface, this sounds silly! After all, people are everywhere. But believe me… I used to be in the same boat! When I started my business I was an 18-year-old senior in high school with virtually NO network at all. I was shy, quiet, and terrified to talk to the people I knew about my business. In order to succeed, I had to identify the kind of people I would most like to work with, and then consciously work to meet more of those people!

In 2006, Facebook was still only open to college students, and wasn’t yet being used as a business building tool. Twitter was in its infancy, and Instagram did not exist yet! I had to expand my network through good old fashioned belly-to-belly networking, and I had to get over my fears fast!

In the beginning, I built my business two ways: I paid hundreds of dollars to join local networking groups that put me around well-connected professionals every week, and I spent thousands of dollars on paid advertising online to attract people who were looking to start a business from home.

Today, it’s much easier because of social media. You can easily expand your network by committing to meeting 10 new people a day on Facebook. You can do this in about an hour through Facebook groups, commenting/engaging on others’ posts, and reaching out to those you connect with through friend requests and messenger. The best part is, this won’t cost you a dime in advertising!


How to Succeed in Network Marketing – Connect with 5 People Every Day

Every day I see people pitch-pitch-pitching their network marketing product or opportunity to people on Facebook. Heck, I used to be one of those people! Then I learned a better way! Rather than pitching, offer VALUE. People get on social media to be educated, entertained and informed… not sold! Share your business on social media by sharing your lifestyle. Become the person whose posts people look forward to reading each day! Then, connect with people privately through messenger. 

I can hear you already… “Is it time to pitch yet?” NO! This is genuine, relationship-building reaching out! Send someone a message and mention the cute picture they shared of their cat (or their kid). Ask where they were in those beautiful vacation photos and if they’d recommend the hotel they stayed in. Wish them a happy birthday through messenger, or send a get well soon message when they have the flu.

When you become the person who’s posts people like to see, then back those posts up with genuine, heartfelt communication, you can naturally fit your product or business into your conversation. Be genuine! Don’t just drop a link.

You ask Mary about her recent vacation and she responds, “It was wonderful! I wish we could go back every year!”

Continue your conversation. You know, the normal kind of conversations you used to have BEFORE you became a network marketer! And then…


How to Succeed in Network Marketing – Follow Up on 3 Conversations a Day

 A day or two later, it might be appropriate for you to reach back out to Mary and say: “Hey, I’ve been thinking about what you said the other day… about how you wish you could go back to Florida every year. My home business is helping me set aside a little extra income each month to save for a big annual family vacation, and I’d love to share with you how I’m doing that, and how you could maybe do that too. If I sent you some information about it, would you be open to learning more?”

Some of your other follow-ups for the day might be to people who’ve already agreed to look at your business presentation, or who have tried a sample, or who may be interested in joining your customer program. I’m not saying that 3 out of every 5 conversations you have on Facbeook will lead to an invite, but as you get better at asking questions and genuinely listening, almost everyone will express a want or a need that your business opportunity can help with! These are the people you reach back out to at a later time!

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