How to Start 2017 Ahead of Everyone Else

Fall is officially here and with it comes cooler weather, back-to-school, football and pumpkin everything. This is also the time of year when busy summer schedules are winding down and life becomes a little more routine. And let’s not forget, the holidays and the New Year are just around the corner!

In just a few short weeks Christmas will be over and people will be ringing in the New Year all around the world. With that comes new resolutions for a better self, a better business, a better life… but you don’t have to wait ’till January 1st to begin!

If you want to start 2017 ahead of the game, the key is to start today. Those who experience the most growth in their business in the new year are those who use these last weeks of 2016 to build momentum and energy.

Do you want 2017 to be your best year ever? Then I encourage you to start now.

Today I’m going to share 3 basic strategies you can implement immediately to set yourself up for a killer 2017:


1) Set a Goal

Quickly. Please don’t spend the rest of this week working on this step. Quickly, set one goal that would have the single greatest impact on your wealth, health and happiness if it were achieved by the end of 2017. Now, take a look at the calendar and see how many weeks you have left between today and New Years Eve: by setting that goal now and beginning today you’ve added that many extra weeks on to your year! To put that into perspective, if there are 6 weeks left in 2016 you’ve essentially increased the time you have to work on your goal by almost 12%. With 12% more time than those who wait ’till January first to begin working on their goals, you can’t help but begin way ahead of the game.

For those of you in a network marketing business I recommend setting a TITLE and INCOME goal for December 2017. Reaching a specific title and income within your chosen company can have a significant impact on EVERY area of your life; providing the time, financial, locational and emotional freedom you may not have right now.

Once you’ve decided what goal you’re going for, take a few minutes and write down 5-10 things that goal will bring into your life that you don’t currently have. Maybe that income makes your car payment each month, or maybe it even pays your mortgage! Maybe it allows your family to finally take that dream vacation you’ve been talking about, or maybe it allows you to cut back on your hours at your J-O-B or even allows you to walk away from it altogether. Write these 5-10 things in present tense, like this:

It’s December 31, 2017 and I am a ________________ earning $_____/month. This new title and income:
1. Covers our mortgage payment each month.
2. Is allowing us to book a family vacation to Disney World next summer.
3. Is giving me more time with my kids by being able to cut my work hours in half.
4. Is giving me the freedom to not stress over the bills each month.
5. Is providing my family with a sense of financial security and stability.
6. Is helping me dream bigger and become a better version of myself.

Everything on your list may not be tangible… this title and income could increase your self-confidence, give you that “something” you’ve been looking for that’s all your own, give your family financial peace of mind, etc. Take a moment to close your eyes and really FEEL what that income and title will do for your family on a monthly basis and you won’t have any trouble coming up with the items to fill your list.


Once you’ve set your goal and written your list, make a few copies and keep them where you can review your goals throughout your day. Keep one in your car so you can review your goals in the pick-up while waiting on your kids to get out of school, keep one in your nightstand drawer to review before falling asleep, and keep one in your purse that you can look over while you wait in line at the grocery store or sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. The point here is to keep your goals and, more importantly, the BENEFITS of those goals top of mind, reviewing them daily to help you stay on track, motivated and in action.

2) Make a Plan 

Now that you have a goal, it’s time to make a plan to bring it to fruition. Again, do this quickly. Please don’t spend the rest of the week putting together a detailed business-plan… it’s simply not necessary for what we are doing here. As a network marketer your plan should include 4 simple steps: Strategies to consistently meet new people (locally or online) each day, the minimum number of people you will commit to introducing to your business opportunity or product each day, the minimum number of people you will follow-up with each day and, as your team begins to grow, time to help those who’ve joined you do the same thing.

I recommend meeting a minimum of 5 new people every day, introducing 2 new people to your business each day (these most likely won’t be any of the same 5 you actually met that day), following-up with 2 people each day and, as my team has grown, spending time each day checking in briefly with those who are actually taking action and working on their business!

That’s it! 4 simple steps that can often be done in less than an hour a day.

Again, don’t spend too much time on this step. Write down some numbers and move on to the final step, which is the most important.

3) Take Consistent Action

Do you really want to start 2017 ahead of everyone else? Then simply take consistent action on your plan, every day, whether you feel like it or not. This is the key ingredient that most people are missing… and by simply taking action each day on the plan you’ve put together you set yourself apart from the masses in a really powerful way.

I strongly believe it is a lack of consistency that’s the killer of dreams, not only in our business but in our life. It’s true at the gym, in the kitchen and in our relationships. By taking consistent action over a sustained period of time you simply cannot help but get better.

Most people don’t like this answer because it’s too simple. They want the great “secret” to success in network marketing, and are disappointed when they find out how boring that secret really is. Success is mundane. It is boring. It’s often lonely and monotonous. Success doesn’t happen on stage when you’re getting recognized for your latest rank advancement… it doesn’t happen when that check hits your bank account… it happens in the every day seemingly insignificant actions, compounded over time.

Setting a goal, creating a plan and staying in consistent action will set you up to start 2017 way ahead of everyone else. While most people will only begin thinking about their 2017 goals on January 1st, you’ll begin working toward your goals NOW, consistently making progress on your goals while building the habit of consistent action that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life.

I spent the first 3 years of my home business career fumbling around because I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed to create and actually achieve the goals I was setting in my life and business. I knew where I wanted to go, but some days struggled to find the motivation to take the actions that would get me there! You don’t need to do the same! I’ve put together a workbook with a complete blueprint to help you create and achieve any goal. Click here now to get that workbook!


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