How to Set Yourself Up for a Productive Week… Every Week!

This article will provide you with 3 simple steps for how to set yourself up for a productive week… every week!

If you’re anything like me, you begin your Mondays with the best of intentions and an extra long list of things you plan to accomplish. Daily methods of operation… special projects… meal prep… gym time… and distractions be damned, this week WILL be different! Somehow, some way, this will be the week when you manage to get it all done!

And if you’re anything like me… well, you’re a little too familiar with how that usually works out 🙂

What if I could show you a simple strategy how to set yourself up for a productive week, every week? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Then let’s do it…

  1. Brain Dump: Take a sheet of paper and write down EVERYTHING on your never-ending to-do list. All the things that must be done, and all the things you would like to get done. The point of this exercise is not to think about what you’ll be able to accomplish, but to capture every item on your list, get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper. Now then, doesn’t that feel better already?
  2. Pick Your Top 3: 20% of our activities make up 80% of our results… and that’s exactly why choosing your top 3 is so important. These items can fall into any category… work, family, home, misc. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you choose the top 3 items that, when completed, will leave you feeling productive and accomplished even if you aren’t able to make time for anything else on your list.

    Something REALLY cool happens when you complete this exercise. You realize your productivity is not contingent upon your entire to-do list, but on just a few simple tasks that will make the biggest impact. It helps relieve overwhelm and leaves you saying, “Hey… I can do this!”

  3. Bust Out Your Calendar: This can be a physical day planner or a digital calendar. I used to be a hard-core day planner user… until I discovered google calendars. It has become my favorite scheduling tool hands down, allowing me to set up recurring items, color code based on categories (hint: all my INCOME producing activities are GREEN) and instantly synchs across all my devices: the desktop calendar on my mac, my phone and my tablet. It even sends me reminders 30 minutes out of each scheduled activity to help me stay focused and on task.

    For this exercise I recommend starting with a BLANK calendar. With this exercise, starting from scratch is essential.

    1. Start by entering ALL the activities that are MANDATORY and inflexible. This is things like the time you need to arrive at work if you have a job, taking kids to school (their teachers may not appreciate them arriving at 10am :)), doctors appointments, scheduled meetings, etc.
    2. Now it’s time for your Top 3. Each of these 3 activities will fall into 1 of 2 categories: A one-time focused activity, or an ongoing activity you will work on throughout the week.

      For the one-time activities, I want you schedule them as early into your week as possible. If you are able to get up and tackle these items first thing Monday morning, DO IT. Just fit it in as early as possible!

      For example, if 2 of your top 3 activities are to complete a powerpoint for a presentation or training event, and finalize the details for your daughter’s birthday party, schedule 2-3 hours to get these done ASAP. Make sure this time is focused and dedicated to these tasks ONLY. No email, no unscheduled phone calls and no multi-tasking! This is scheduled, focused time to complete 2 of your most important tasks of the week.

      Now let’s say your third activity is a special project or recurring task that will require a little more time, and needs to be completed throughout the week. For this task I’d like you to schedule 1 hour of focused activity EACH DAY, as early in the day as possible. For network marketers a great example of this activity would be prospecting calls. If you schedule 5 hours of uninterrupted time to prospecting each week I promise you will be FLABBERGASTED at how quickly your team begins to grow!

    3. Now it’s time to complete your calendar by returning to your to-do list. Look at the remaining activities and determine what is both important AND urgent (meaning it NEEDS to get done this week). The other items will be some combination of the two: urgent but not particularly important, important but not particularly urgent, or neither urgent nor important. Schedule time to complete the essential activities on your calendar, and don’t forget to look at what activities you are able to outsource:

      Hiring a house cleaner, for example, is a relatively inexpensive outsourcing strategy that can save you 4-8 hours of time each week. Another option is to make cleaning the house a fun family activity: When my husband have chosen not to put a house cleaner in the budget we’ve had weekly “cleaning parties”… the only requirements are the required cleaning supplies and loud music. Whoever cleans the most rooms wins, and we are usually done in a couple of hours. This is a great way to include your kids in the weekly cleaning while keeping it fun, too!

By brain dumping your entire to-do list on a piece of paper, choosing your Top 3 most impactful activities and using your calendar you can be know how to set yourself up for a productive week, every week! This entire process will take you less than hour… and I recommend scheduling some time on Sunday to do it each week!

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Now go create a great week!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

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