How to Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Achieve | Part 4

Hello again! We’re officially past the half-way point in our goals series, How to Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Achieve.

You may be asking…

“I’ve clarified where I want to go, learned what I need to work on if I want to achieve the goals I set, created my goals and put together a clear plan of action. What else could there possibly be left to learn?”

Today I want to prepare you for two major obstacles that will almost ALWAYS try to stand between you and your goal. The good news is, being aware of them is half the battle! When you become aware of these obstacles you’ll learn how to recognize them quickly and push through them to success.

It’s important to understand the “point” of goal setting is never the goal itself. The point is always to evolve you — so that in the process of going after a goal you are no longer the same person you were before, but a stronger, better version of yourself.

Here’s today’s quick video that explains two obstacles that can stand in your way when your trying to grow, how to recognize them and gives you two practical strategies for overcoming these obstacles and pushing through to your full potential:

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In tomorrow’s post we’ll be discussing the role Mental Laws play in your success, and how you can activate these laws to leverage your goals and achieve success even more quickly!

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