How to Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Achieve | Part 3

Welcome back for Day 3 of our goals series, How to Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Achieve.

So far we’ve covered how to clarify your goals and decide exactly what you want your life to look like, and I’ve shared one of the biggest reasons why New Years Resolutions don’t work, and the missing piece you need to work on if you want to achieve your goals.

Days 1 and 2 were all about prep work. Today, we’re diving in to the actual process of setting your goals for the New Year and determining your plan of action! So let’s get started:

Yesterday I touched briefly on the 7 areas of life I like to focus on when setting goals. You see, it matters not if your business is successful but you don’t have your health. And what good is all the wealth in the world if your relationships are falling apart? Success is a broad term, and the only way you’ll achieve the reality of that Perfect Day you created in Day 1 is to create goals that encompass ALL the important areas of your life:

Physical Environments

I get the most questions about the Physical Environments and Lifestyle categories, so here’s a brief definition:

Physical Environments: All the things that make up the environments you spend your time in on a daily basis. Where you live geographically, what your home looks like, what vehicle you drive, and the decoration and organization of those spaces. Successful people create environments that are inspiring, peaceful and in-line with who they want to be as their ideal self.

Lifestyle: A mentor once described this category as the social/cultural aspect of your life. This includes things like travel, entertainment and daily or weekly routines that combine to form your overall life. They can be as grand as a goal to spend a summer traveling Europe and as simple as a weekly date night with your spouse!

Now that you have your categories it’s time to set your goals for the next 12 months. Where do you see your life in each of these areas at the year’s end? What milestones do you hope to reach this year? Any vacations you’d like to plan? What do your spiritual and relationship habits look like? Are you more organized? Do you plan and execute a weekly healthy menu for your family?

Be sure to write each goal in present tense first person. For example,

“It is December 31, 2016 and I am a [rank or title] with [your company] earning [$$] per month.”
“It’s the end of August and I am filled with joy as I reflect on the past week spent with my family at Disney World.”
“It’s December 31, 2016 and I have logged 1000 entries in my gratitude journal over the past year!”

All of your goals won’t be for December 31st. There may be a promotion you’re trying to reach by a certain date, or maybe you want to run a marathon or plan a vacation. Remember these goals are for throughout the year, and while some of them will come to fruition at years end, they don’t all have to!

This may take you some time. Get to a quiet place and really reflect on where you want to be on your journey to your Perfect Day by years end. Once you’ve set a goal in each of these important areas of your life, it’s time to create a plan of action to help you achieve them.

Check out today’s video where I share a quick and simple way to create a plan of action that WORKS for any goal you set!

Whoo hoo!! Congratulations!! Once you complete the work we’ve covered today you will officially have 7 Goals set for the New Year along with 7, 90-Day Action Plans to help you move one step closer to your Perfect Day over the next 90 days!

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Can’t wait to see you tomorrow for when we cover 2 of the greatest obstacles you’ll encounter on your way to your goal, how to identify them and how to overcome them!

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