How to Set Goals: Vision Drives Action


“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.” — when it comes to understanding how to set goals, this quote by Paul J. Meyer rings true in every way. Enthusiastic action is required, but it is a vividly imagined vision of something you strongly desire that starts the goal setting process.

Most people miss this part. Most people skip right over vision and jump immediately into ACTION — and while action might be better than inaction in the short term, in the long term the two are equally ineffective.

At least inaction is straightforward. No one is disillusioned enough to believe they’ll reach a goal by simply sitting around and thinking about it. No, it’s action that’s deceiving.

Every failed resolution begins with action.

Every incremental improvement followed by a devastating backslide begins with action.

Every diet that’s been given up on, every marathon that’s been half trained for, every degree that’s been left unfinished… they all began with action.

But it’s not action’s fault. It does, after all, hold a VERY important part in the goal achieving process. But it’s not the starting point. And that’s what makes all the difference.

Because when the going gets tough, the goals that began with action quit going. When you’d rather hit snooze than get up and run that morning mile, when you’d rather check email than make that prospecting call, when grocery shopping seems more important than following up with customers… whenever we feel like doing something other than the one thing we know we need to do to reach our goal, that’s when action, when left to its own devices, fails.

And that’s why goals have to start with vision.

Vision is the catalyst that drives action. Vision is the force that will help you push past the snooze button, pick up the 50lb telephone and continue to follow up even when you’ve been rejected 5 times in a row. When the going gets tough, vision keeps going.

In order to operate at our peak potential we must create and maintain a long-term vision we desire more than our current comfort.

Trust me — goal achievement is uncomfortable. If it’s not, you’re not shooting big enough. It is our vision for the life we want that will give you the traction you need to push past that discomfort and take the actions anyway.

So what is vision?

It starts with determining what you want in ALL areas of your life, then creating goals that will produce results in alignment with that vision. The vision gives relevance to the goals! It is the ultimate purpose behind every goal you set.

To help you create a clear vision before setting your next set of life goals, I’ve created a workbook called Your Perfect Day. This workbook will help you clarify exactly what you want in life so you can begin setting goals that are congruent with those desires and begin making those results your reality! It will also give you an exercise you can do every day to strengthen your vision in your mind and help you push past any obstacles that might try to stand in your way.

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