How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

40 hours a week for 40 years to retire on 40% of what was never enough in the first place. That’s the career model for the average American, which is partly why the idea of being able to work 10-15 hours a week for 3-5 years to build a business that can provide you with time, financial, emotional and locational freedom is so appealing.

Make no mistake, network marketing is a 3-5 year plan, requiring 10-15 hours of consistent, income producing activity each week if you want to be successful. So if you’re looking for something that works more quickly and with less effort than that, you’re reading the wrong article! 

That being said, there are some steps you can take to help accelerate the growth of your business. As a trainer of mine once said, “It’s not about how much time you have, it’s about what you do with the that time.” And that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

At the beginning of my network marketing career I had the good fortune of learning a few things: First, success in network marketing is about mastering the fundamentals of prospecting (finding people to talk to), presenting (talking to the people you find) and duplicating (helping those who choose to join you do the same). That’s it. There’s nothing more and nothing less. The problem is too many people quit before they ever master the first step, much less the next two.

They fail to master the fundamental of prospecting because they look at it from the wrong perspective. A person joins a network marketing opportunity and they either know a lot of people, or they don’t. Those who do will be successful. Those who don’t, will not be. That statement simply is not true!

Prospecting, finding people to talk to by consistently working to grow your network, is a learnable skill we ALL must master if we truly want to be successful network marketers. There are thousands of ways to do it, you must simply find the few ways that work the best for you and commit to becoming very good at them.

Once you’ve learned how to maintain a steady supply of people to talk to by consistently growing your network you can focus on the next fundamental, presenting. This is simply talking to the people you find by sharing your company’s story with the people you know and the people you meet in a way that shares how partnering with your company or using your products can benefit them. That’s all it is! It’s not about power closing or overcoming objections or being salesly… it’s simply learning to communicate what you know about your company, product and opportunity that leaves that person thinking two things:

– That partnering with your company and/or using your product will solve a pain/provide a benefit to them
– That they can do it.

That second thought is important, and it leads us to the third fundamental, duplication:

Duplication says, “What I’m about to do with you, you must be able to immediately do with the next person you meet, with or without my help, whether that person lives across the street, across the city, across the country or across the globe.” 

If I spend weeks becoming a product expert, memorize a 45-minute presentation word-for-word and master the art of power closing and overcoming all the objections you may have, is that something you could immediately do with the next person you meet?

Of course not.

If, however, I simply shared a short story from someone in my company who’s had success and directed you to a link where you could ‘push play’ and watch a recorded presentation about our company, then got you connected with someone in my upline who could answer your questions, is that something you could immediately do with the next person you meet?


Ultimately, the key to growing your network marketing business quickly is to master the fundamentals yourself and plug into a duplicatable system that anyone else can use successfully. It’s the duplicatable system that produces rapid growth in any organization. The more duplicatable the steps you have in place, the more rapidly your organization will grow.

If Mary can join your team on Tuesday and use the same steps you used with her friend Tom on Wednesday, that’s how you know you have duplication. Anything less and you’ve simply complicated the process too much!

My business partner Kathy and I have a coaching program where we share the same duplicatable system we’ve been using that helped our team volume jump from $150,000 to over $600,000 in one year, and to over $1 million the year after that. Up until recently, this training has only been made available to people inside our personal team, but we’re excited to now be offering it inside our Freedom University program. Click on the image below to learn more:



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