How to Enroll More Customers and Consultants In Your Network Marketing Business

Did you know?

80% of sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact

And yet,

Only 10% of sales people follow-up with a prospect more than 3 times.

And 48% of sales people fail to follow-up at all.


And while network marketing business is not just for sales people (in fact, it’s not really about selling at all), these same principles can be applied when it comes to following up with our customer and business prospects.

The key to enrolling more customers and prospects (other than simply talking to ENOUGH people) is to follow-up with those people using multiple exposures over a short period of time to put your company, product and opportunity in front of your prospect enough times that they feel compelled to make a decision.

By having a system in place that includes a series of steps you can walk your prospect through you are not only setting yourself up for success, but also setting up every single consultant who joins your team to enroll a higher percent of the people they talk to simply by exposing those people to the information in a way that is duplicatable, simple and effective.

Today I’m going to share the exact steps we taught our team to take a prospect through that helped our team become the most duplicatable, fastest growing team in our primary company for 5 years in a row. You will obviously need to customize these steps to fit your own company and product, but this is a great start to getting a system in place to help both you and your team enroll more customers and consultants into your organization each month:

1) Initial Reach Out (call, private message or text)

2) 3 Minute Business Video

3) Follow-Up Call to Business Video

4) Sampling

5) Follow-Up Call to Sampling

6) Full Business Presentation

7) – ?) Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

As you can see, this system includes a mixture of reach outs done by the consultant (phone calls, text messages, etc) and business tools provided by your company or your team that slowly expose your prospect to more and more of your company’s story, allowing them to decide if they want to get involved.

At any point in this process your prospect may decide this isn’t right for them, or they may decide it’s the perfect fit and jump in immediately. Typically though, it will take 5-12 contacts for them to reach a decision… and simply being aware of this sets you up to win BIG.

This Thursday, my business partner Kathy and I will be sharing a simple formula we used to take our team volume from $150K to over $1 million in less than 2 years, that can help you create a full-time income with your business in just 90 minutes a day.

This formula will give you a simple daily method of operation you can follow, as well as share the exact system we use to make sure we follow-up with our prospects frequently, using the right number of steps in the right order, to enroll the highest number customers and business partners into our organization as possible.

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