How Often to Follow-Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects

“The fortune is in the follow-up”

If you’ve been around the network marketing space for very long at all, it’s likely that you’ve heard that phrase. But what exactly does it mean? How often should you follow-up, and how do you structure your follow-ups to avoid being “pushy” or making your prospect feel like you are “bugging them”.

Let’s start with feeling “pushy” and “bugging” your prospects — here’s the reality: good customer service, especially this day in age, is rare and appreciated. How do you avoid pushing and/or bugging your prospects? It’s a simple solution: end each contact with a promise to follow-up on a specific day or time.

When you end your contact by scheduling the next “appointment”, you immediately put your prospect at ease by letting them know when you’ll be getting back in touch. Then, when you actually DO follow-up on the day/time you said you would, you are exhibiting good customer service and showing your prospect that you keep your word and take your business seriously.

Each contact has a purpose: to lead your prospect to the next step in the information gathering process (you can read more on that here). Whether you’re directing them to a short video, a full presentation, giving them a sample or inviting them to a live event, here is the perfect way to end the conversation to set yourself up for a successful follow-up:

“I’ll send that (video, presentation, invitation, etc) over as soon as we get off the phone. I want to make sure I get your questions answered once you’ve looked it over, when would be a good time for me to follow-up?”

This question prompts your prospect to tell you WHEN they’ll be able to look at the info you’re sending them. Then, based on their answer, you follow-up again at the time they said.

For example, if your prospect says they can look at the info on Tuesday afternoon, you could respond with,

“Perfect! I’ve got some time between 7 and 7:30 Tuesday evening. If I call you then, would that be a good time to visit about what you liked about the (video, presentation, etc) and answer your questions?”


You just scheduled a follow-up!

So let’s move on to the next thing: how OFTEN should you follow-up with your prospect?

I do my best to move my prospects along the information gathering process (again, check out more details on that here) by introducing a new step every 24-48 hours. Sometimes that’s just not possible, which is why I rely on my email autoresponder to reach out to them every 24-48 hours for the first 30 days.

Our team uses an email series we’ve created and made available through our marketing system that shares product and business stories, short informational videos and promotions with our prospects as they move through the information gathering process. Of course, they can opt out at any time, but here’s the thing: I VERY rarely experience any opt outs!

The bottom line is, your prospects APPRECIATE you making information available to them in various formats and in ways that allow them to view the info at their own pace. They also appreciate you scheduling a time to visit with them after each step in the process, answering their questions and assuring them that you’ll continue to be there for them every step of the way should they choose to join you in business.

It’s not being pushy… it’s just good business!

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered today:

1) End each contact with the scheduling of the next appointment, moving your prospect through the information gathering process.
2) Do your best to move them to the next step every 24-48 hours when possible.
3) Use an email series for additional follow-up to share stories, short videos and promotions with your prospects.

I hope this article was valuable to you! If it was, feel free to share with those you know who may get value from it as well!

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