How Not to Lead Your Network Marketing Team

In this week’s podcast episode we’re going to talk about how NOT to lead your network marketing team. Often, when we start enrolling people into our business, we feel a responsibility for their success. If someone joins our team and isn’t as motivated as we are… doesn’t take the same kind of action as we do… isn’t consistent or just doesn’t want to work, we assume we did something wrong. How do I find people who actually see the big picture? How do I get those on my team to actually do something? We are going to answer both of those questions (and more) today!

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. This week I’m providing you with the checklist our team has used for years to help our brand new team members get off to a strong start.

You can use this Responsible Sponsoring Checklist with each new person who joins your team to make sure you’re providing them with the resources they need in their first 24-48 hours and on through their first month in business. As a sponsor, you are not responsible for your team members success…. you can set them up and improve their odds though by giving them the resources they need to get started quickly! 

Our team has an unusually high percentage of people who get a paycheck their first month in business (much higher than industry standards) and I know a lot of it has to do with this checklist and the ongoing training and support we provide. You can click here to download it now or click on the image above.

Too often, when we bring someone into our business and they aren’t that serious the first thing we do is play the blame game. Do we blame them? No… even worse… we blame ourselves! The reality is, most of the time when someone just isn’t that serious about building their business it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Go ahead and take that responsibility off your shoulders right now… sing like Elsa and just “Let it go!”. 

That being said, there are a few practices that can help. Today I’m going to share 3 places we often go wrong in trying to lead our team (along with some alternatives that work much better!)… I’m also going to share what you can realistically expect as you work to build your team, and what your job should look like as you move forward in your business as a leader. 

Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details. 

Where Most People Get Stuck

  1. Trying to Motivate Your Team Members — Here’s the thing: you will never ever be able to motivate anyone to do anything they aren’t ready, willing and able to do. Instead of working to motivate your team, inspire them through your own action! By staying in consistent, daily action in your own networking, inviting and follow up, by consistently enrolling new people into your business and by being an avid student of personal and professional development you can inspire those who join you to do the same. Eric Worre says, “It’s easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead.” — if you’ve been frustrated with trying to resurrect your dead team, change your focus and get back in the habit of consistently bringing in new people yourself. When you do this, a couple of really powerful things start to happen — I discuss them in the podcast! 
  2. Trying to Manage Your Team Members — Management mode is the absolute WORST place to be in your business. This happens when you get super focused on trying to motivate your team by being a cheerleader, rather than working to inspire them by being a quarterback. Last I checked, teams don’t perform because the cheerleaders are on the sidelines…. they rally behind their quarterback, their LEADER, who is driving them down the field. There’s a reason quarterbacks lead from the middle of the huddle, and don’t call plays for their offense on the sidelines. You can’t lead if you’re not in the game! Rather than trying to manage your team, show them the way by leading by example! 
  3. Being Too Bossy — Before you tell someone how to get somewhere, make sure you take the time to understand where they want to go. One of the biggest mistake we can make is leaders is to make assumptions about our team members. When we take the time to truly listen and understand their motivations, goals and expectations, we can then lead them to that goal by showing them what it will take to get there. Don’t be bossy… instead, meet people where they are, then lead them to where they want to go.

Prospecting for Aces

Another powerful aspect of leading your team is knowing what to expect. The reality is, most people are not going to come in and become top earners in your company. Not because they aren’t capable, but simply because they have no desire or aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there. 

That’s okay. 

Let me repeat: Most people won’t become top earners, and THAT IS OKAY! 

When you look at a deck of cards you notice it only has 4 Aces. Mixed in are a few face cards, some high number cards, some low number cards, and a few jokers. In the podcast episode I break down the role each card plays in your team, and how many people you can expect to personally enroll in order to find those 4 Aces you’re looking for. 

Do Your Job

If your job is not to motivate, manager or boss your new team members around… what IS your job? 

Simply put, your job is to stay in consistent personal activity — every week meeting 25 new people, inviting 14 to take a look at your business or products, following up with those who have agreed to take a look and consistently enrolling new team members. 

As new people join you, your job is to provide them with the resources they need to be successful, work with those who are working and love the rest exactly where they are.

Don’t forget to listen to this week’s podcast episode, and click here to download your Responsible Sponsor Checklist so you can help your new team members get off to a strong start.


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